Become a Friend of the Library

Each day, lives are changed at The Billy Graham Library. That is only possible through the prayers and support of people like you. You have an opportunity to stand with us and support the ministry of the Library by becoming a Friend of the Library.


Celebrating 5 Years…

June 5 is a special day for The Billy Graham Library – it was five years ago that we opened our doors for the first time.


5 Reasons to Visit the Library This Summer

With school soon ending and Memorial Day coming up on Monday, we are nearing the official start of summer! As you make your plans for places to go and things to do, here are five reasons to include the Library in your schedule.


Changed Hearts

Every day at the Billy Graham Library, there are stories of lives that have been forever changed. What starts as a simple visit ends with an incredible encounter and the beginning, or strengthening, of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Here are some of the stories we’ve heard recently.


Happy Birthday, Bev Shea!

Today is our dear friend George Beverly Shea’s 103rd birthday. This week, guests at The Billy Graham Library have been signing their own birthday greetings on this banner, which will be delivered to Mr. Shea later. In addition, we’ve had some great friends in the music industry reach out to us to express their own …