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The Billy Graham Library will be closed December 27, 2021-Late Spring 2022 as we create an exciting new experience.

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Billy Graham had a heart to share the Gospel all over the world to people of all languages. He traveled all over the world to tell others about the saving love of Jesus Christ. His travels included many countries where the national language is Spanish. Below, see some of the items in the archives at …


“Having this family legacy of proclaiming the Gospel is a gift,” said Will Graham in the BillyGraham.TV special “The Legacy of the Gospel.” Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a new limited blog series that take a look at this family legacy.

What Others Are Saying

  • “I was awed and encouraged by the whole presentation, the focus on Christ and for the truth and scriptural messages. ”

  • “I felt such a peaceful feeling like I have never felt before. I knew it was the presence of our Lord Jesus. ”

  • “The love of Christ was apparent in every volunteer and staff member we came in contact with … ”

  • “I see how people are coming to Christ as they view the displays. I was moved to tears. ”

  • “The moment I entered the building I could feel the presence of God. Everything glorified our wonderful and merciful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. ”

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