Answers to commonly asked questions about The Billy Graham Library

Is this a guided tour?

No. There are Library volunteers stationed throughout the rooms to answer questions and direct you where to go next.

Is it necessary to make reservations for a group of less than 10 people?

No, we do not require reservations for groups less than 10. A new Journey of Faith tour begins every 10 minutes with the last tour of the day beginning at 3:30.

Can we do part of the tour, break for lunch, and go back to finish the tour?

No. The way the Library is designed, you have to complete the tour at one time. It takes about an hour and a half to complete.

How long will it take us to see everything?

We suggest you plan to spend between 2-3 hours. The Journey of Faith tour inside the Library takes about an hour and a half. You can also tour the Memorial Prayer Garden and the Graham Family Homeplace. Guests can also enjoy the Graham Brothers Dairy Bar where meals and snacks are available and Ruth’s Attic bookstore for shopping.

Do you have wheelchairs available?

We have a few wheelchairs on hand; however we cannot guarantee that one will be available. If the guest normally needs one, we suggest they bring their own.

Is there a picnic area for us to eat? Can we bring our own lunch and eat there?

No. We do not allow outside food on our property. All food must be purchased in the Dairy Bar.

Can we make reservations for seating in the Dairy Bar?

Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is there a charge for parking?

No. Parking for cars, vans or buses is free.

Can we bring pets?

Service animals are allowed inside the Library. Pets are allowed in the outside pet area, located just beyond the Library’s gatehouse.

How much walking is involved?

There is a good bit of standing and walking involved, however there are benches and seats throughout the tour and the grounds. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Do you allow weddings or other events to be held at the Library or on the grounds? Can we have professional bridal photos taken on the grounds?

The Library is not available for personal events at this time.

Could our group come and perform at the Library?

We are unable to accommodate performers at this time.

How can I obtain additional “Salvation Poem Cards” like the one I received when exiting the Library?

Additional cards can be purchased in Ruth’s Attic or online.

Where can I get one of the rocking chairs out on the patio?

Clayborne’s Amish Furniture. 803-356-7100, or go to

Can you tell me the best hotel to stay near the Library, or good places to eat?

You can find all the information you need at

When was the Graham Family Homeplace built?

It was built in 1927 on Park Road, about three and a half miles from where it sits now. It was moved to the Library grounds in 2006.

Who is buried here at the Library in the Memorial Prayer Garden?

William Franklin Graham Jr., better known to the world as Billy Graham, was laid to rest here on March 2, 2018. He lies beside his wife and partner in ministry, Ruth Bell Graham, who was interred on June 17, 2007.

Farther along the sidewalk, you will see another area where George Beverly Shea was laid to rest on April 22, 2013, and Cliff Barrows was interred on November 22, 2016. Billie Barrows, early Crusade pianist and first wife of Cliff Barrows, is also buried at the Memorial Prayer Garden.

What does the Chinese character on Ruth Bell Graham’s grave marker say?

It means “Righteousness” and is also on her father’s gravestone. They spent many years in China as missionaries.

What is that big building behind the Library?

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Headquarters.

When was the Billy Graham Parkway named?


How is the Library funded? Why is there free admission?

Through donations to the Library.

I’d like to give a donation to the Library. How can I do this?

Either at the Library, online, or in the mail. Visit our donate page for more information.

I’m interested in becoming a volunteer for the Library. Are they paid? How can I apply?

We welcome new volunteers. Volunteers are not paid. Visit our Volunteer page to find out more and print out an application.

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