An Eye-Opening Experience

Debbie Hall and her husband are restaurant managers with conflicting schedules. They don’t get much time together but did take a Valentine’s Day trip to the Billy Graham Library.


From the Perspective of our Volunteers

As Christmas at the Library enters its final weekend, we are blessed to share with you the perspectives of some of our volunteers. Without them, Christmas at the Library wouldn’t be possible. It takes hundreds of volunteers to make this event happen, and to them, we all say “thank you.” If you haven’t been to see them in action, we hope you come out tonight or tomorrow night.


Elvis, SpongeBob and James Brown at The Library?

On a busy night in December, about 800 people will take a horse-drawn carriage ride around the Billy Graham Library. They take one of 10 Victorian-style carriages pulled by horses with names like Elvis, SpongeBob and James Brown.


“CHRISTmas hasn’t been lost”

When I heard about volunteering for Christmas at the Library, my top choice was story time. What better way to spend an evening than reading Christmas stories to a wiggly but intrigued bunch of small children? What I didn’t count on was how much I would be inspired by them.


The Christmas Ride of their Lives

Why does this couple volunteer to serve at Christmas at the Library’s carriage rides? “Christmas is a time to be able to share our Savior’s love and birth and happiness.”