The Archive Collection


Memorabilia Monday

A visit to The Journey of Faith inside the Billy Graham Library gives visitors a glimpse into the life and ministry of Rev. Billy Graham. Throughout the tour, personal memorabilia is on display from the personal collections of Billy Graham, Ruth Bell Graham, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and various others.


Vision 2020: Will Graham’s Vision

December’s archives feature is an amber-colored glass award “The Macedonian Call,” an award given for Christian character and commitment to evangelism, presented to Will Graham in 2015 by Trinity College.


Vision 2020: Vision for Legacy

Our archives feature this month is a wooden cross with nails and a “crown of thorns” that was given to Billy Graham in November 2009 for his 91st birthday.


Ruth 100: Ruth as Homemaker

Ruth Graham chose to remain at home during much of Billy’s world travels in order to provide a stable home environment for their five children.