The Billy Graham Library stands as a reminder of God’s awesome love & amazing power—what He can do in individual lives & on the grand stage of history.

When you invest in the Billy Graham Library, you are helping to reach the lost and inspire believers as the message is proclaimed. Your support will help ensure that this ministry remains available for generations to come. There are several ways to support the Library financially:

Give Online

Support a living ministry where lives are transformed daily. As films and memorabilia retrace Billy Graham’s journey from a North Carolina dairy farm to arenas around the globe, Library visitors discover the extraordinary things God can do through a life yielded to Him.


Non-Cash Gifts

The Billy Graham Library is partnering with iDonate Foundation to make it easy for you to support our work in ways other than cash donations. When you give non-cash gifts to The Library, iDonate sells your items on our behalf and sends us the proceeds. Your receipt will come from iDonate, but be assured that your donation supports The Library and our mission to proclaim the Gospel. For questions regarding non-cash gifts, please contact iDonate at 1-877-897-4273.

What Do We Accept?
Always Accepted

Passenger vehicles
Groups of 20+ cell phones
Precious metal bullion
Grain commodities
Gold jewelry
Publicly traded stock
Gift cards (minimum balance of $15; must be an accepted company)

Typically Accepted

Small, light, recent model electronics
Large quantities of business inventory overstock

Accepted Case-By-Case

Boats, RVs, ATVs and other recreational vehicles
Artwork (usually original works by well-known artists)
Real estate
Business interest
Other donations with an actual resale value of $250 or more

NOT Accepted

Furniture, exercise equipment and home appliances
Pianos (and most other musical instruments)
Outdated medical equipment
Large electronics (including most printers, scanners, desktop computers, TVs and VCRs)
Timeshares and cemetery plots
Anything you would see in a thrift store (books, housewares, apparel)
Anything considered objectionable at the discretion of iDonate foundation (including pornographic or illegal items)

Engraved Paver Stones

When you support the Billy Graham Library, you become a partner in providing men, women, and children with an opportunity to hear the Gospel and make a decision for eternity. And now you can honor a loved one, family, or an organization with an engraved paver stone. You can support this ongoing Crusade—with a gift of $1,000 or more. In appreciation, we will install a paver stone with your inscription in a walkway on the Library grounds—a permanent symbol of your love and heart for the lost.

You may use one of the following options:

  • Your name, as you would like it to appear
  • The name of a person, family, or organization you wish to honor
  • The name of a person or family you wish to remember
  • Bible scripture or verses that hold special meaning to you

Go To The Paver Stone Page
Download The Paver Stone Form

Paver Stones

Will you help us reach people for Christ with a gift of $1,000 or more?
Download The Paver Stone Form or call 1-877-2GRAHAM.

Billy Graham Library Endowment

Through your gift to the Billy Graham Library Endowment, you are helping to reach the lost and inspire believers as the biblical Gospel message is proclaimed. Your support will help ensure that this ministry is available for everyone to experience, without charge or admission for generations to come.

“Our hope is that the Billy Graham Library will continue to be an instrument that God will use to challenge lives and change hearts in this place that He has already blessed through the faithfulness of His people.”
– Franklin Graham

Library Endowment

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