Cliff Barrows: Reflections from Billy Graham

“From the moment I met Cliff Barrows, I knew he had a rare combination of strengths.” Read more reflections from Billy Graham on his friend and ministry partner, Cliff Barrows.


Special Exhibit: Cliff Barrows Tribute—Now through Jan. 31

For more than 60 years, Cliff Barrows was one of the most vital components—and most recognized faces and voices—of the BGEA’s worldwide ministry. Learn more about a life dedicated to Jesus in the special exhibit: Cliff Barrows Tribute through Jan. 31.


New Exhibit: Rooted in Prayer – Biblical Truths for Everyday Living

A new exhibit has opened at the Billy Graham Library called, “Rooted in Prayer – Biblical Truths for Everyday Living.” It shares a glimpse into the heart of Billy Graham and over 70 years of ministry grounded in prayer. The exhibit runs from May through the end of June. Admission to this exhibit and to the Library is free.


Life Lessons from Cliff Barrows at Age 90

As he celebrates his 90th birthday on Saturday, Cliff Barrows is an example of a life lived wholeheartedly for Jesus Christ. Still sharp as a tack, Scripture rolls off Barrows’ tongue as he doles out wisdom gained over the course of 90 years on this planet.