Cliff Barrows: Reflections from Billy Graham

January 17, 2017

“From the moment I met Cliff Barrows, I knew he had a rare combination of strengths. He loves music, and he knows also the importance of music in touching the hearts of an audience… No one can keep the complicated Crusade platform proceedings running more smoothly than he, whether it is adjusting the pulpit up or down to accommodate a speaker’s or singer’s height or cueing up a song that wasn’t part of the advance plan for the service. He has a dramatic streak in him too—one that has made him a spellbinding storyteller in our children’s meetings…

But all of that talent is not the secret of Cliff’s effectiveness. It is his humility and his willingness to be a servant, which spring from his devotional life and his daily walk with Christ. The love of Christ so monopolizes his heart and will that he never seeks his own advantage at the expense of others or puts another person down. I trust Cliff, and I love him like a brother…

Cliff is a rugged man, equally at home horseback-riding in the Rockies or clearing the brush around his house. But he also has the gentleness and thoughtfulness of a loving father or brother. He is a reconciler; he has held our Team and Crusade workers together many times by enfolding them in his own warm Christian spirit.”

From Just As I Am by Billy Graham

Now through Jan. 31, you can see more about the life of Cliff Barrows in a special exhibit at the Billy Graham Library.

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