Billy Graham on the Sanctity of Life

Billy Graham addressed his thoughts on abortion and the Biblical truth about the sanctity of life in his book “Storm Warning.” His words are still true today.


10 Quotes from Billy Graham on the New Year

“The most important resolution you can make as another year approaches is this: to open your heart and life to Jesus Christ, and commit your life to Him. Don’t waste your time on resolutions that don’t ultimately matter; resolve instead to live for Christ.”


10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Rest

“Jesus said, ‘Come unto me and I will give you rest.’ There’s no rest in any other direction. He alone is the source of life and joy and soul rest.”


In His Own Words: What Billy Graham Once Said About Eternity

Billy Graham was born on November 7, 1918. It’s been nearly two years since he went to be with the Lord, an event he often said he looked forward to “with great anticipation.” Mr. Graham was ready to meet his Savior and spend eternity with Him in heaven.