10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Money

June 3, 2020

Money can accomplish great good when it’s used wisely and compassionately. The Bible is often misquoted as saying “money is the root of all evil.” But, it’s the love of money that is the issue. Billy Graham had some things to say about money.

Read 10 quotes from him on this often difficult topic.

Money represents your time, your energy, your talents, your total personality converted into currency. We usually hold on to it tenaciously, yet it is uncertain in value and we cannot take it into the next world.

Tell me what you think about money, and I will tell you what you think about God, for these two are closely related. A man’s heart is closer to his wallet than anything else.

There is nothing wrong with men possessing riches. The wrong comes when riches possess men.

The Bible warns that money cannot buy happiness! Money cannot buy true pleasure. Money cannot buy peace of heart. And money certainly cannot buy entrance into the kingdom of God.

There are two ways of being rich—have a lot, or want very little. The latter way is the easier for most.

Pleasure depends on circumstances, but Christian joy is completely independent of health, money and surroundings.

There are things which money cannot buy; which no music can bring; which no social position can claim; which no personal influence can assure; and which no eloquence can command.

God does not need our money. He owns everything, including “our” money. What He wants [us] to discover is where our central focus of worship lies. Is that focus on God or our money?

Part of our problem with debt is that we have confused needs with wants. Yesterday’s luxuries are today’s necessities.

We can possess nothing—no property and no person…It is God who owns everything, and we are but stewards of His property during the brief time we are on earth.

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