World Wide Pictures: Road to Redemption

Released in 2001, “Road to Redemption” from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s World Wide Pictures is one of many films included in the “Pioneering Christian Cinema” display now at the Billy Graham Library.


World Wide Pictures: London Actress Joan Winmill

Joan Winmill, an actress for World Wide Pictures in the 1950s lived an inspiring life. She went from being an actress in London who rejected the Lord, to a friend of Ruth Bell Graham starring in Christian film.


World Wide Pictures: Last Flight Out

Between 1949-2004, World Wide Pictures released 100 films beginning with “Mr. Texas,” up to the last release “Last Flight Out.” Last Flight Out delves into important truths about family, friendship, and responsibility. The movie shows the virtues of hard work, forgiveness, and sacrificial love. What an important message for our society–and our families–to hear! A …