World Wide Pictures: A Vow to Cherish

The film “A Vow to Cherish,” was released in 1999 by World Wide Pictures, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s film production company. It tells the deeply moving love story of John and Ellen Brighton. Together, they face a merciless illness that will either confirm their love or destroy their marriage. Careers and family are thrust into turmoil which can be overcome only by the power of love in action.

Phil Brighton, John’s brother and business partner, lives too fast to understand why anyone would so desperately cling to a faith and a spouse that will never be the same again. Josh’s struggle becomes Phil’s glimmer of hope.

This film illustrates the importance of living by godly principles in front of a world searching for answers. Check out the trailer for the love story, “A Vow to Cherish.”

Plan your visit to the Billy Graham Library before Feb. 28 to see the special display “Pioneering Christian Cinema.”


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