Then and Now: From San Juan to the World

February 9, 2017

From February 10-12, Franklin Graham is going to preach the Gospel in the same place that his father did in 22 years ago. Though the message of the Gospel will remain the same, the process of spreading that message to the world has changed. During the Billy Graham Crusade in 1995, the message was broadcast through satellite transmission to 185 countries. In 2017, Franklin Graham’s Festival will be accessible all around the world by live-streaming the event on the internet.

Take a look at how sharing the Gospel around the world has changed in 22 years.

THEN: Billy Graham Crusade – San Juan, Puerto Rico 1995

1. When Billy Graham preached the Gospel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, his message was immediately interpreted into Spanish for the people in Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

2. Video was sent from Hiram Bithorn Stadium to Roberto Clemente Coliseum.

3. Forty-eight interpreters interpreted Mr. Graham’s words into major languages of the world.

4. Professionals packaged the video, audio and preprogrammed materials of testimonies and music in the appropriate languages.

5. The packaged program was then ready to be “distributed” to the various venues in the world.

6. Sending the correct video package to each location required selection of appropriate satellite. Up to 10 transmission pathways and more than 20 satellites were in use at any single moment.

7. Satellite dishes in each country received the video and the audio signals.

8. At 3,000 venues in 185 countries people heard the Gospel in their own languages.


NOW: Franklin Graham Festival – San Juan, Puerto Rico 2017

1. When Franklin Graham preaches the Gospel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, his message will immediately be interpreted into Spanish for the people in Hiram Bithorn Stadium.Festival BTS

2. The BGEA’s video and digital media services teams will encode and web stream Franklin Graham’s Festival de Esperanza live from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

3. Encoding will take place on site in San Juan, through high speed internet brought to the field.

4. Through, anyone around the world can “tune-in” with their laptop or smart phone to hear the good news of the Gospel in Spanish and in English when Franklin speaks.

5Lourdes on phone-edit. Viewers can immediately connect with an online volunteer through to ask questions and to share that they have received Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

6. At more than 180 evangelistic festivals in 37 states and 48 countries, Franklin Graham has preached the Gospel message, reaching thousands around the world.

Learn more about the BGEA’s film ministry by visiting the Billy Graham Library before Feb. 28 to see the special display “Pioneering Christian Cinema.”


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