Sharing Hope in Times of Crisis

July 14, 2022

Today, it seems we are surrounded by tragedy and crisis everywhere we look. Whether it is the war in Ukraine, mass shootings at schools and parades and super markets, the covid-19 pandemic, natural disasters likes wild fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes – the world seems to be in a constant state of turmoil.

But there is hope.

Throughout his ministry, Billy Graham often shared a message of hope – a hope that can be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Below, we’re sharing some of those messages with you.

If you would like to learn how to share that same message of hope, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has a FREE online course that equips you to engage in conversation, and share the love of Jesus Christ with those suffering from everyday tragedies of life. To take the course, visit:

If you or someone you know could use comfort and prayer during this time, have them call us at 888-388-2683. We want to share with them that there is hope for the future, and they can find that through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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