From the Bookshelf of Billy Graham – May 2015

In 1957, Billy Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association held what would be the longest Crusade event ever by team in New York City from May 1 through September 15 of that year.


In his own words – Billy Graham on Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Early on, Dr. King and I spoke about his method of using non-violent demonstrations to bring an end to racial segregation. He urged me to keep doing what I was doing – preaching the Gospel to integrated audiences and supporting his goals by example – and not join him in the streets.”


From the bookshelf of Billy Graham

Annual digests of “The Christian” – a weekly magazine in Great Britain that was founded in 1859 and later purchased by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 1962 – are part of the 12,000 volume personal collection of Billy Graham housed in the Library.


The Path of a Preacher

A rambunctious and energetic child, who once vowed never to become a public speaker, grew up to become “America’s preacher.” Billy Graham’s journey of faith was used by God to reach millions around the world.


In His Own Words – Being a Father

God’s ideal for the home is to have both the father and the mother available to their children throughout their growing years. But sometimes separation can’t be avoided. Over the years, the BGEA and the Team became my second family without me realizing it. Ruth says those of us who were off traveling missed the …