“My Life,” by Golda Meir – From the Bookshelf of Billy Graham

June 17, 2015

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Israel, 1969, Billy Graham and Prime Minister Golda Meir

Billy Graham first met a dear friend, Golda Meir, when he visited Israel in 1960. Meir was foreign minister at the time, and became Prime Minister in 1969. Mr. Graham stayed with Meir during his time in the Holy Land and stated in many interviews that she became a close friend.

His friendship did not cease when he came back to America, rather they began to share their friendship with Ruth Bell Graham, whom Meir admired. One year after her term ended as Israel’s Prime Minister, she gave Ruth a signed copy of her book autobiography, My Life, in 1975. She showed her appreciation for their friendship by writing, “To Ruth, with love and admiration for you and yours.”


Their friendship was once again documented 22 years later by Mr. Graham in his autobiography, Just As I Am, where he wrote of his visit with Meir, “I found Mrs. Meir to be one of the most knowledgeable and delightful people I have ever met.”

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