Franklin and Bessie’s Picks: November 2019

November 12, 2019

This November at Ruth’s Attic Bookstore, we’re featuring books picked by Franklin Graham and Bessie the Cow. Each month, Franklin picks a book based on its inspirational message, while Bessie picks a book for children to enjoy.

Franklin’s Pick: The Life and Faith Field Guide for Parents by Joe Carter

Do you ever feel at a loss when it comes to bringing up your child with a true understanding of living as a Christian in a secular world? Franklin’s pick for November, The Life & Faith Field Guide for Parents by Joe Carter, encourages parents to do more than just pray for their children, but to teach them how to engage with God, make good decisions, and manage conflict.

Bessie’s Pick: ABC Bible Verses for Little Ones by Rebecca Lutzer; Illustrated by Mary Eakin

Bessie’s Pick for November, ABC Bible Verses for Little Ones by Rebecca Lutzer, walks youngsters through the ABC’s of the Bible using verses to tell the story of God’s love for us. Beautifully illustrated in pastel tones by Mary Eakin, this book is sure to become a favorite read.

Visit the Ruth’s Attic Bookstore at the Billy Graham Library to pick up your copy of these featured books and more.

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