10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Rest

We all walk through busy seasons of life. Whatever season you find yourself in, remember the hope that is promised: Jesus Christ can give you rest. Here are 10 quotes from Billy Graham on rest.

“God knows we need rest, and one of the reasons He established the Sabbath was to give us rest…But God’s plan also was to use the Sabbath to turn our hearts and minds toward Him. In other words, He wants us to set aside one day of the week as a special time of worship and reflection on God’s Word.”

“Jesus was a man of feverish activity. He went everywhere doing good. Even though it was feverish activity, there was a calmness and a serenity about him.”

“Christ didn’t say, ‘I will give you rest from sorrow.’ He said, ‘I will give you rest in sorrow.’…He didn’t promise insurance from trouble, but assurance in the midst of trouble.”

“You, that are lying on hospital beds, you that are suffering bereavement because of the loss of a loved one – Christ can give you rest – in the midst of adversity and trial and suffering. This is the rest that He gives.”

“The rest that Christ gives is not a piece of negation. It is founded upon something positive – Christ himself. He said, ‘Come unto me and I will give you rest.’ There’s no rest in any other direction. He alone is the source of life and joy and soul rest.”

“In the most restless age of history, Christ can give you rest.”

“This rest that Jesus gives will endure the ravages of time and will abide through all eternity.”

“Most people yearn for one thing more than anything else: inner peace. Without it they have no lasting happiness or security.”

“Nothing can calm our souls more or better prepare us for life’s challenges than time spent alone with God.”

“Take care of your soul–your inner self–by feeding on the Word of God and letting His Spirit transform you from within.”

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  1. Judy Mechling says:

    I have always loved listening to Billy Graham he was a man of God God Bless Him

  2. Jasper Mohan says:

    Very Comforting Quotes of Dr.Graham on our God’s Assurances to His people, through His simple servant.?!

  3. Sharon Belchèr says:

    Thank God for a man like Mr. Graham! He allowed God to use him in mighty ways! These quotes are wonderful!

  4. Bobbie Cantelli says:

    My Mother raised me listening to Billy Graham. I still remember his tv appearances and saying’ come as you are. I am such a fan!! May he rest in heaven

  5. Dan Rivers says:

    Billy Graham … a man of great faith .. May God Bless his son Franklin who is carrying on with his Father’s Legacy.. People need to hear the Word.. and turn their face to Heaven… and turn from their wicked ways … and God will forgive their sins & heal their Land… 2 Chronicles. 7 : 14

  6. Brian Ziegler says:

    Billy Graham’s works have made a profound difference in my life lately in developing my personal relationship with God. ‘Peace With God’ is on my reread list for the winter months. Thank you for your lifetime commitment of sharing the gospel and God Bless!

  7. Edward LESSER says:

    I am 74 years old and I have been listening to Billy Graham from when I was eight years old on the radio. Billy has been the leading Christian evangelist that has kept me following Jesus through my life, even in the darkest days of my life . I lost my wife this year after 53 years of marriage and the Lord is sustaining me in this sorrow. What a joy to know the Savior and to share his Love.

  8. Jane says:

    I love Dr. Billy G. & Franklin.
    I just got 3 books by daughter, Ruth. I love Ruth’s Attic in Decison mag too.

  9. Diane Lenamon says:

    Yes, all are so true. I received my inner peace after my granddaughter died. I thank our Lord for that. Amen

  10. ione Weiss says:

    God bless BGEA.

  11. Emmanuel says:

    Good day Mr. Billy Graham

  12. David says:

    I want to thank Rick in your call center. He was very helpful to me and was a good friend

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