National Hot Dog Day

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day with a “Billy Frank” at the Graham Brothers dairy bar.


VIDEO: Special Display— “Time is Near”

For over 70 years of ministry, Billy Graham has been driven by an urgency to proclaim the Gospel to as many people as possible. Come to the Library and explore “Time is Near,” a collection of his personal timepieces—from the hourglass he kept on his desk to distinctive gifts from heads of state—that symbolizes the …


New Display: Compassion in Crisis

See how Billy and Franklin Graham, along with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, have ministered to crisis-stricken communities over the years.


VIDEO: More Than Dusty Books

Did you know that a library is not defined only as a place to borrow items or do research? It can also refer to the collection of similar like items. The Billy Graham Library uses the term “library” as the latter—as we house more than 12,000 volumes of works that are part of the private …