VIDEO: Discover the New “Pioneering Christian Cinema” Display

When Billy Graham was thrust into the public eye in the late 1940s, his charisma caught the attention of several Hollywood producers who hoped to make him a movie star. Billy knew God had called him to evangelism, not acting—but he recognized the power of film and began to seriously consider how the technology could be used to share the Gospel.

Through the “Pioneering Christian Cinema” display, guests can discover how the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) has used the power of film to reach thousands with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Learn about the groundbreaking ministry of our studio, World Wide Pictures, and find out how the My Hope outreach uses film to share the Gospel today. Read fascinating stories from behind the scenes of BGEA movies and see captivating photos and memorabilia in this special display, located in The Journey of Faith through the end of February.

Enjoy this sneak peek of the “Pioneering Christian Cinema” display.



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  1. Becky Miller says:

    God bless your life of Christian information ad love

  2. Joyce Dunham says:

    I enjoy all the emails I receive from the Billy Graham ministries

  3. GUY ROBERSON says:


  4. Don G. Castleberry says:

    Freedom in Jesus Prison Ministries, of whom I am president, has shown Billy Graham MY Hope DVD’s in Texas prisons for the last two years with amazing results.. Hundreds of prisoners have come to Christ and we are so humbled to be a small part of the great picture that BGEA has formed throughout the world. Thank you for allowing us to be a part in this harvest of souls for the Kingdom.

  5. Robert Allen says:

    Please send me the updates. I still hope to be able to go to the Billy Graham Library if at all possible.

  6. Mary Lou Van Winkle says:

    In October 1999 I walked through the neighborhood for an interview at Trinity Elementary. On my way back I talked to someone by a white trailer and he said they were making a movie for Wide World of Pictures. They were filming in the large red brick church on Trinity Street in Los Angeles. Do you know the name of the movie ad is there a DVD that I could buy. The movie was supposed to be released in June of 2000. Thanks for your help. Blessings, Mary Lou Van Winkle

    1. bglibrary says:

      Hi Mary Lou,
      The World Wide Pictures films that were released around that time are: “A VOW TO CHERISH” (1999), “SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT” (2000), and “ROAD TO REDEMPTION” (2001).

  7. Holly Nicholson says:

    That sure was an interesting video! Thank you for having it for us to watch. Sincerely,Holly Nicholson

  8. Bonnie Kempen says:

    I have watched all of Billy Grahams movies . Started collecting them when they first came out on video. Bought all of them. Started going to a church in Kaibeto, Arizona and left God’s videos with individuals on Navajo Reservation that wanted to watch good movies. I have moved to Oregon but I know God is still making good use of those movies. Navajos are created coming to the Lord. Thank You for letting God use you in making these movies.

  9. Beverly Yeagle says:

    My husband and I visited the BG Library and was overwhelmed by this experience. We plan to return for another visit and have encouraged many of our friends to do so. Having special displays for a limited time would be an incentive for some to come to the Library.

  10. James Paul Daber says:

    Would love to visit the Library.

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