1957 New York Crusade

These are items which are not displayed in our permanent exhibit but are offered here for online viewing.

On May 15, 1957, the New York Crusade meetings began in Madison Square Garden and continued for an unprecedented 16 weeks. During those 16 weeks, 2,397,400 persons attended the meetings and 61,148 made decisions for Christ.

But, a Crusade just doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months of prayer, careful planning, training and mobilization of volunteers such as counselors, follow up workers, and ushers.

Every counselor would wear a “Counselor Badge” so they could be identified by those who came forward during the invitation. Mr. Graham would instruct those who had come forward about the decision they had made, and then he would lead them through a prayer of confession, repentance, and inviting the Lord Jesus into their lives. He would inform them saying, “standing near you is a person wearing a ‘counselor badge’ who will help you understand the decision you have made and give you materials to take home that will help you grow spiritually.”

After the Crusade was over, Robert O. Ferm took some of the conversion stories that happened during the meetings, and compiled them into a booklet called They Met God at the New York Crusade (no longer in print). These stories highlight just a few of the lives that were changed over the course of those 16 weeks. 2012 marks the 55th anniversary of the 1957 New York City Crusade. Below are items displayed from the event.


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  1. David Telando says:

    During this crusade one night I was watching TV in Fort Worth Texas while I was in the Air Force and accepted Christ. I am still with Christ 2017 but I did backslide a few times.

  2. Jon Brown says:

    I was there almost every nite because my parents were in the choir and other areas of service. Also at Yankee stadium for the closing with Nixon. I think my father sat on platform that nite. JB

  3. Emily Elliott says:

    My husband, George, attended one of the first Crusade meetings in 1957 in N.Y., going by bus with a local church group. He received Christ as his Savior that night. I went probably the following week and also received Christ as my Savior. He ultimately went to Seminary and we became missionaries helping small groups of people to establish new churches in areas where there were no fundamental churches. We did that sort of work until the 1980’s but continued to work in local churches. George graduated to Heaven in 2014 but I am still a missionary and teach Bible lessons to after-school children in North Carolina.

  4. Clifford Payne says:

    I made a decision in the Houston crusade. Early 1950’s (estimate)

  5. Virginia Moore Nichols says:

    As a fellow TarHeel, I am proud. You have accomplished so much,and following the guidance of the Bible in everything. You set a great example for others to follow, and to learn by your accomplishments.
    Our family, of Chatham County, NC wished you success all the way. Being decendants of devout Christians, it always amazed us the people you reached.
    Thank you, so very much. From my family, Green,Moore,Griffin,Tuck,Moody,Nichols,Atwater…..branches out further.

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