This Date in History: June 3, 1957

The year was 1957, the day was June 3. The New York City Crusade Committee met and voted to officially extend the monumental Crusade to July 20, where a closing ceremony would be held at Yankee Stadium. At that point, the Crusade (which began May 15) had already run for two weeks and seen thousands come to Christ.

Billy Graham writes of this decision in his autobiography Just As I Am:

“From my standpoint, the decision to extend wasn’t so easy; by the end of those weeks, I was already physically depleted. I also had run out of sermons and was having to prepare a new one every day. Some night during those later weeks, I sat on the platform and prayed silently, “ O God, You have to do it. I can’t do it. I just can’t do it.” And yet when I stood up, all of a sudden the words would begin to come – God giving strength and spiritual power in a way that could not be explained in human terms.”

This year marks the 55th anniversary of the record-setting 1957 New York City Crusade. Check out this month’s Archive Collection to see some unique items from the events. You can also see several pieces of rare memorabilia and unique stories in the Journey of Faith tour at The Billy Graham Library.

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  1. pedro bonett says:

    i think i need pray for me, please, help me, do this help me, at facebook, is pedro bonett i am a teacher i live in colombia , i dont speak ingles, but i need your help, with parayer is enough, thank you before do that

  2. Lynn Spadaccini says:

    This is the crusade my parents received Jesus at!! This is the crusade the Lord chose to break the bonds of slavery in my family. This is the crusade that changed eternity for my family. We are now in our 3rd generation of children of my family being raised in the admonition of the Lord and being born again. Thank you Mr Graham for your obedience. You sure have a lot of fruit!!!!!

  3. Tammy says:

    I visited the library for the first time this past week. Actually went twice. I did see the artifacts from the New York Crusades. One exhibit in particular that caught my attention which I believe was from the New York Crusade was two old pistols that two gang members had given up when their lives were changed after hearing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Praise God! The library is a wonderful place and I look forward to my next visit.

  4. John Travis says:

    God had been working in my life for over a year. On the very last night of the New York crusade while watching on TV, He finally broke through this poor lost sinners hard heart. I had no idea of the great adventure of faith I was beginning, but Oh how great the ride has been. I have no big amazing story, only that God for almost 60 years has blessed me by saving all the members of our family. He has blessed all of us with lay ministries in our local churches and soooooo much more.
    I thank my great God for how He invaded our lives way back in 1957, and I thank Dr. Graham for faithfully following God’s leadership his adventure of faith.
    We are a blessed people, and then there is all eternity. WOW!!!!

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