Wit & Wisdom: Man’s Hunger and Thirst

September 24, 2015

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The Lord created men and women to be dependent beings – relying on whatever will fulfill their needs. He created in them a thirst and hunger for someone larger: a creator. While Billy preaches that lost men thirst for Christ, Ruth Bell Graham reminds Christians that it is their job to give others that thirst.


A Man’s Chief Need

A starving man’s chief interest is food. A thirsty man’s chief interest is water. A wounded man’s chief interest is a physician. And a lost man’s chief need, whether he realizes it or not, is God.

by Billy Graham from The Wit and Wisdom of Billy Graham



Salty Christians

It happened in one of those countries whose leaders deny the existence of God but allow the church to exist under a secretary for church affairs. In this case, the secretary was not only a brilliant pastor, he was a medical doctor as well.

One day he was called on the carpet by the authorities. Knowing there would be a new crackdown on the Christians, he started right in: “I know you gentlemen wish to interrogate me,” he began. “But first, may I say something?”

Permission granted, he continued. “You know I am a medical doctor. I know the importance of salt in the human body: it should be maintained at about two percent. If it is less, a person gets sick. If it is eliminated altogether, he will die.”

“Now Jesus Christ has said Christians are the salt of the earth.” Then he paused. “That is all. And now, gentlemen, what is it that you wish to say to me?”

“Oh nothing, nothing…” they agreed. And he was dismissed…

Salt is indispensable to man’s health and is fed to livestock for the same reason. It is also used as a preservative and for seasoning, as well as in curing hides and as brine for refrigeration. But there is another fact about salt that is worth considering: salt makes a person thirsty.

Do we Christians make people thirsty for the Water of Life?

from Legacy of a Pack Rat by Ruth Bell Graham



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