Billy Graham’s Childhood Home—the Graham Family Homeplace

Throughout the year we are bringing you a behind-the-scenes look at the Library through short video tours.

This week you can explore the Graham family homeplace, built in 1927. The house was moved twice from its original location—just four miles away—and reassembled brick-by-brick, board-by-board. It’s now open to the public six days a week.

We hope you’ll come discover the Graham family homeplace and other treasures at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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  1. Corina says:

    “Blessed are those who dwell in Your house. They will still be praising you.” Psalm 84:4 Praise the love and mercy of Jesus. From this house to someday, everlasting life in God’s house. Dr. Billy Graham brought so many HOME. On my knees, I ask God’s every blessing for him.

  2. Darnell Smith says:

    My family and I have been here a few times and as soon as you get out your car you can feel The Holy Spirit everywhere ! You know you are standing on Holy Ground !! Everyone is very nice !! Seeing Reverend Billy Graham’s home and seeing all the places he visited and things about his life is wonderful !!

  3. Mary Lou Owens says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. God had a magnificent plan for his life & I am so grateful he allowed us the benefit of his tremendous ministry. May God richly bless Billy & his family & protect all Christians around the world.

  4. Jo Gilpin says:

    Would love to visit and tour this beautiful place!! God bless you for doing this!!!

  5. Dr. Mary Anders says:

    Have toured the home and library, but am anxious to go back again. My husband, Rev. Chuck Anders had Billy Graham come to a Youth for Christ presentation at Huntington College in the late 1940’s. He was a WWII Veteran going to college and seminary on the G.I. Bill. We did not meet until 1954, and were married in 1955.
    He passed and was buried in the Jacksonville National Cemetery two weeks ago. He was always a follower of BGEA and Billy.
    Mary Anders.

  6. Debby Erdmann says:

    Would love to tour his home!

    What hours and days are you open?
    What is the cost?

    1. TIffany Jothen says:

      Debby, we would love to have you visit. Admission is free, and you can find hours here:

      – Billy Graham Evangelistic Association staff

  7. Samuel A. Kwabe says:

    I’m feeling nostalgic in far away Nigeria right now! I was there in June/July 2013. God bless the Graham family for raising Billy in this house; and God bless the Billy Graham Library for preserving it for us to visit.

  8. Bobbie says:

    Thank you to Billy Graham & family for all they do to bring all people to Jesus Christ

  9. Glenda says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Billy Graham’s home with all of us.
    I live in Australia and have always longed to see things associated to Billy and his life, so seeing this was just amazing, especially for the one’s who will never be able to visit in person.

  10. MItsugu Yamamoto says:

    At first I attended the Billy Graham crusade in the Tokyo dome. Then I was baptized by Krihibaum Paster. Every morning I read “life application study Bible”. This is to study English, too. And I bought “Billy Graham God’s ambassador.” This book is very good book.
    Thank you Paster Franklin Graham. Blessed are you and your team.
    Mitsugu Yamamoto (75 years old)

  11. Mrs.Marie R.Wieners says:

    I am so Thankful to be on your mailing list! I live in a nursing home, my choice. I have four adult children, two in Florida and two in New England, up north! My husband passed away January 2012, and was placed in a burial plot in Daytona. This will also be my burial plot. Thanks to my Husband who was a Christian, I and our whole family, four children, are Christians!
    Thanks much for the great influence you have on all of us and the world, as well!
    Mrs. Marie R. Wieners

  12. Sharon Adkins says:

    Really enjoyed this…thank you for sharing.

  13. The Putnick Family says:

    Just taking the virtual tour of Billy Graham’s childhood home was thrilling! We cannot even imagine how wonderful it must be in person. Looking around, you can sense all of memories that were built inside of that home and are still a part of Billy Graham today. It’s so nice that this nostalgic property carries on for the world to see an example of a Godly family life in America. A beautiful picture for the rest of us to remember and emulate. May God continue to bless the Graham family and those that are dedicated to doing God’s work.

  14. Dorothy Greathouse says:

    We will miss you Doctor Billy Graham! Heaven is having a welcoming party today with Jesus saying well done my good and faithful child!

  15. Sandra H. McCord says:

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are a true disciple of Christ. I was blessed to see & hear you at the Liberty Bowl Stadium in 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee. I was already saved and your message touched my heart. There is a glorious rejoicing in Heaven.

  16. Alissa Adkins says:

    God bless all of us

  17. Steven Stumpf says:

    Some 25 or so years ago when Rev. Billy Graham came back to Charlotte and has preached at the new football stadium, we some 300 or more chorus members from different churches in Charlotte were singing Handel Messiah
    Would be nice if someone would bring us back for His Last Event.
    May the Good Lord Bless his soil and may God bless us all.
    Steven Stumpf

  18. Sue Moore says:

    A wonderful service led by wonderful children. He would be so proud of you all.

  19. James Hammond says:

    Rev Billy Graham, will be very sadly missed by everyone it’s one more big void missing from this world that all of Christianity will see in a very big way .our great trueful and honest preachers are being called home from a world where our Christian rights are being taken away everyday where sin is rampid I pray to God that Jesus will send us more Billy Graham’s to a lost and dieing world.i will strive to see Mr Graham again one day.

  20. Jim cook says:

    I lived in a Christian hotel named the enquirer on ft Lauderdale beach in the early 1960s. It was purchased by a Christian family from Canada by last name of Rose. I think they gave the hotel to Billy but I’m not sure and would like to know more.

    1. bglibrary says:

      Hi Jim,
      We do not have any information on our website about this topic, but you may inquire for more info at:

  21. Mary Starks says:

    I tried to find his grave site on Easter to place a flower there but to no avail. My family and friends are sorry for his passing. He will be missed.

  22. Joseph M Foster says:

    What are the tours available in Late August or early September. We will be traveling from west Texas to be there so we really need to plan ahead so we can find RV parking in close travel distance to the home site/ library. Any help you can provide in making this pilgrimage as easy on our budget as possible while getting us as close as possible to the site. We are senior citizens with severe health problems who can only travel short distances at a time. It will take us 3 to 4 days just to get there so we need to get as close as possible before we set up our travel trailer.

    1. bglibrary says:

      Hi Joseph, please call this number when planning your trip: 704-401-3270.
      We hope you enjoy your visit!

  23. Delphine Lingo says:

    Evangelist Billy Graham was a very true man of God. I love when he is aired on T.V. so I can continue to watch him deliver the Word of God… amen.

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