Wit & Wisdom: Grace of God

December 9, 2015

Categories: Wit & Wisdom

Our God is a God of grace, mercy and forgiveness. The Graham’s recognized He is more than wrath and judgement. They desire to see Christians experience and be thankful for the mercy of the Lord.


Merciful Lord

Only as we bow in contrition, confession, and repentance at the foot of the Cross, can we find forgiveness. There is the grace of God! We don’t deserve it! A man said some time ago, “When I get to the judgement of God, all that I will ask for is justice.” My beloved friend, if you get justice, then you will go to hell. You don’t want justice. What you want is mercy.

Billy Graham from Wit and Wisdom of Billy Graham


Go Free

There are no depths
to which I have gone
or to which I could go,
but Thou, in Thy fathomless
mercy and love
didst still sink below,
plumbing the depths
for a sin-ruined heart
indifferent to Thee;
draining the dregs
of God’s holy wrath
that I might go free.

Ruth Bell Graham from Sitting by my Laughing Fire

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