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“Our Christmas Story” – From the Bookshelf of Billy Graham

Our Christmas Story by Ruth Bell Graham was originally published in 1959. In 1973, it was expanded to include a selection of the Graham family’s favorite Christmas carols.

Billy Graham wrote the foreword to the book by “Mrs. Billy Graham,” and had these words to say,

When it was suggested that Ruth tell the Christmas story for children everywhere, we were delighted. But we had to warn the publisher that “our” Christmas story would be different from the traditional manger scene that spells Christmas for many people.

Of course, the manger scene is an important part of Christmas in our home—the joyous and beloved climax of the story. But is is only part of the story. For Christmas does not begin in the stable in Bethlehem. It does not begin in the Gospel of Luke, but in the Book of Genesis…

Ruth and I believe that is has never been more important than it is today for children to read and love the Bible…

If this little book helps children to see in the whole Bible the glorious meaning of Christ’s coming, Ruth’s prayers—and mine—for it will be abundantly answered.

In addition to the Christmas story, Ruth also shares memories of Christmas in the Graham home.


This book is currently out of print, but from time-to-time can be found online in stores like Amazon.com.

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