This Date in History: Nov. 1, 1934 – Billy Graham Accepts Christ

Billy Graham’s Decision Card, currently displayed at The Billy Graham Library

In his autobiography Just As I Am, Billy Graham writes of Dr. Mordecai Ham’s revival meetings in Charlotte, NC, and the night he came to Christ.

As soon as the evangelist [Mordecai Ham] started his sermon, he opened his Bible and talked straight from his text. He talked loudly, even though there was an amplifying system. I have no recollection of what he preached about, but I was spellbound. In some indefinable way, he was getting through to me. I was hearing another voice, as was often said of Dwight L. Moody when he preached: the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I became deeply convicted about my sinfulness and rebellion. And confused. How could this evangelist be talking to me, of all people? I had been baptized as a baby…I had gotten into mischief once in a while, but I could hardly be called wicked. I resisted temptations to break the moral code my parents had so strictly instilled in me…I was even the vice president of my youth group in our church (although, granted, it wasn’t a particularly vital organization).

On that night, Dr. Ham finished preaching and gave the invitation to accept Christ. After all his tirades against sin, he gave us a gentle reminder: “But god commendeth his love toward us, that that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). His song leader, Mr. Ramsay, led us all in “Just As I am” – four verses. Then we started another song: “Almost Persuaded, Now to Believe.”

On the last verse of that second song, I responded. I walked down to the front, feeling as if I had lead weights attached to my feet, and stood in the space before the platform.

I checked “Recommitment” on the card I filled out. After all, I had been brought up to regard my baptism and confirmation as professions of faith too. The difference was that this time I was doing it on purpose, doing it with intention. For all my previous religious upbringing and church activity, I believe that that was the moment I made my real commitment to Jesus Christ.

Have you committed your life to Christ? To learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, visit www.peacewithGod.net.

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  1. Melissa says:

    it’s amazing what God can do in and through one person that will say yes to Him…amazing!

    1. Sharon says:

      SO true!!! Such an AWEsome man of the Lord!!! Such a dedicated life to Christ’s salvation for us! A true inspiration to every person and faith in the world. I pray he lives many more years, to continue directing everyone to our Creator & His Son. Such a comforter.

  2. Olukunle Ajani says:

    Thank God for the evang. that day.if not,there would not have been Evang.Graham of our generation.

  3. Mawuli Abrahams says:

    I am really blzd after reading about this story!!!

  4. Linda Burkhead says:

    Praise God you heard His calling and look at how many souls you lead to Christ by heeding the call Ty Bro Graham may God continue to use you

    till you go Home to Meet Him Face to Face

  5. grady noland says:

    That was a great day in the history of the church and the world.

    1. Cheri says:

      Absolutely extended the course of evangelism, following Billy Sunday. I love Billy Graham. He’s unique and inspiring.

  6. DENNIS BRAME says:


  7. Ken Lee says:

    God has a plan for each of us

  8. sam says:

    Blessed be the name of the Lord. Halleluyah!

  9. Emmanuel boakye says:

    We thank God for your life…you have been able to win uncountable souls to our maker…this day was the turning point of our time

  10. Kimberly Flowers says:

    Thank you Heavenly Father for the amazing life of Mr. Billy Graham. You knew before his birth what an inspiration he would be to your people! As the time draws near for another birthday celebration for Mr. Graham we also celebrate his life and timeless devotion to you Father. Thank you for your many blessings upon Mr. Graham and his lovely family and we ask your continual blessings for them. In the precious name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

  11. Kate says:

    Amazing God, amazing man! Mr. Billy Graham, you are on my “list” to sit and talk to one day when we are both in heaven!

  12. Suzanne Reeves Rhodes says:

    I thank God for that day Billy Accepted Christ into his heart and soul, and I thank God for Blessing Us With A Man Like Billy Graham. I have tapes, dvd’s of his Crusades that I have been and still are collecting. I listen to and Read Billy Graham’s Book’s Very Much!!! He has helped me through so many things!!!Thank you Billy Graham

  13. Simply amazing, “Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!” And thank you, Dr. Graham, for allowing us to see the teaching and prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ, concerning the “corn of wheat” be fulfilled also in your life!

    Love you, and God bless you Sir

  14. Billy I remember the old days when we played ping pong in the old stupe at Wheaton. And Sunday rushinmg from the Bible Church to hear you preach down on Wesley Street. May our Heavenly Father keep you till we meet again in Heaven

  15. Rita Ampofo says:

    I thank God for the life of Dr. Ham and his team for their obedience: “For how can the hear without a preacher….”
    Obedience to the great commission gave birth to our own father and grandfather, Dr. Graham…. O for grace to be out and doing ,so help me God. Greetings from Ghana, West-Africa. SHALOM!!!

  16. Greg Allen says:

    And thirty-nine years later (in 1973; thirty-nine years ago)–I also received Christ at Dr. Graham’s invitation!!

    1. I was blessed to be brought to Christ by Billy Graham at the age of 14 in 1947. (80 my next birthday!) I attended one of his crusades and am among the many hundreds of thousands (millions?) who will never forget him! What a wonderful life he has almost fulfilled. Truly a remarkable man of God.

  17. Thank God for all those in the chain that brought Modecai Ham to NC 78 years ago. Thank God for the life, times and work of Billy Graham.
    LORD Please make me obedient to your Word and to the promptings of the Holy Spirit Amen.

  18. Carole says:

    What a blessing to read this testimony of Rev. Billy Graham. It’s noteable that he wrote down the day and time he accepted Christ as Savior because it is an act of the will, a personal commitment and decision to turn from self to God, asking for forgiveness, and accepting his Holy Spirit into our lives, our souls. Many don’t unerstand that eternal life begins the momemt one makes their decision to accept Christ as savior. Highly recommend Campus Crusade for Christ website which explains the four spirtual laws, how to accept Christ as Savior and how to live a Holy Spirit filled life.

  19. Nancybunch says:

    I remember Easter Sunday when I was 9 years God calling me to come be a child of God . What was unusual we worshipped at a Catholic church , taking turns with the church . My father in Army at Nuremberg and I’ll never forget that special day . Baptized in the church a few weeks later …. My heart will always be His , the Lord ….

  20. susan hopkins says:

    I just think GOD for BIlly Graham…Wonderful wonderful man and i too pray that GOD continues to bless him to evangelize with his son and to still lead others to Christ as the world is in such an awful mess now. Praise the LORD again for Billy Graham!!!!

  21. ryoung says:

    Bless Dr. Graham and his family.

  22. We serve an Awesome God!! He’s our only true Hope in this dying world. Amen !! God Bless and keep you my dear brother in Christ. What a time to be alive!! I believe this generation will see Jesus coming in the clouds. Alleluliah !!

  23. Herb Kersten says:

    How wonderful to hear that the torch was passed from one gospel evangelist to another without either of them knowing it at the time! The power of that moment of decision when the will is decisively placed on the Lord’s side. I recall the moment when Mordecai Ham spoke at one of Billy Graham’s crusade meetings in the Cow Palace in San Francisco and how deeply moved he was at the fruit of one of his converts. Never dispense with the altar call if the Holy Spirit impresses you to make oe as a preacher!

  24. Matthew Uche says:

    My name is Matthew Uche from Obi Local Government Area in Benue State of Nigeria, By the grace of God, I am what I am today. I’ve been reading your great books, listening to your messages over the air. This gave me courage, confidence and boldness to serve God the more.
    Today while reading through one of your Son’s book, Rick Warren, I saw a birthday acknowledgement, and I said in my heart that I must be a part of this to wish good wishes. May your anointing never run dry, you will finish strong. Happy birthday.

  25. dr krishnaiah parampogu says:

    thank God,for that day in which God spoke to dr Billy Graham, because of which day, God made him His servant, and a blessing for people like, me.when i heard him for the first time, i still remember how soothing it was to my soul.God used this man of His to be a blessing in my my spiritual life.today i would like to called abraham,with a view to have “ham” from his name biilygraHAM as mark of respect/in the name honoring him.I believe i meet him in heaven.

  26. JimSustar says:

    Of all things that we take hold in life Jesus is the one that is our greatest adventure. He leads us through all the clutter to the realization of His powerful hope that never makes one ashamed. Thank you Mr. Graham for getting through the clutter by His leading. And in doing so, He saved many.

  27. Pamela Cartwright says:

    I believe that if Mr. Graham had been born more than 2000 years ago he would have been a disciple in the Bible.
    However, God saved him for later to bring souls to Christ. What a wonderful example of Jesus Christ’s love for all of us! He’s so happy in heaven meeting people he led to Christ that he never got to meet at his sermons.
    Thank you, Father, for his life here on earth. A blessing to millions!

  28. Joshua Ikechukwu Ulasi says:

    This is exactly what happens when the Holy Spirit takes hold of a willing soul and brings him/her to the Lord Jesus Christ, who sanctifies, redeems and justifies the penitent. Oh! Just as I am without one plea.

  29. Kenneth Hagan says:

    Thank God he stepped out for Christ.

  30. Peter Njoroge Kamau says:

    Truly Gods grace is evident in us, freely given, undeserving but yet given to us.
    The the Lord always keep and bless Billy’s ministry even after long gone.

  31. Scott Adie says:

    Billy Graham’s life is an example of obedience. Joshua chapter 6 is our example. When the people did exactly as God commanded them, the walls of Jericho ‘fell flat’ affording them easy passage into the city. If they had just fallen into a pile of rubble without God fulfilling His promise, Israel could have suffered a major defeat trying to cross them. But they obeyed God’s command, just like Mr. Graham obeyed God’s call on his life. The result was, and is, that God’s promise was perfectly fulfilled.

  32. Adeeko Samuel Abidemi says:

    Deeply touched by the life of Rev. Billy Graham. The story behind his conversion and how Dr. Ham raised a prayer that out of Charlotte the LORD would raise up someone to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. That part really touched me that GOD can use anybody HE pleases. But we must first come to HIM by Faith.

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