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Billy Graham, A Friend To All Who Sought Him

November 1, 2012

For the last two months we shared from our Archival Collection how Billy Graham became an Ambassador to World Leaders. In September we shared how Billy met and ministered to all the US Presidents since World War ll. In October we shared the opportunities God gave him to meet with world leaders from across the globe.

But God also gave Billy Graham the opportunity to meet with and minister to other interesting and prominent people as well. People from all areas of life and work including business, sports, entertainment, science and medicine to name a few wanted to meet with him. These meetings often gave Billy the opportunity to share the Good News.

Why did Billy Graham have such access to so many people? Bill O’Reilly, news television host, concluded, “There had to be a reason, and I think it lies in his decency, his goodness, his simplicity. These are transparent values. They cannot be faked, and by all accounts, Billy Graham has them in full measure.”



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