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Remembering Ruth Bell Graham

July 1, 2013

Last month we talked about Ruth’s early years, her growing up, and beginning school years in China. How she furthered her education in Korea, then at Wheaton College, and how God prepared her to eventually become the wife of Billy Graham.

However, those who had the opportunity to meet her (or read some of her books) immediately recognized how gifted and talented a woman she was. Her books display her artistic flare and her giftedness of storytelling and writing poems. Many have received inspiration and encouragement just spending a few minutes in one of her books such as “Footprints of a Pilgrim,” or “Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There.” Prayer lives have been encouraged by “Prodigals and Those That Love Them.” “Sitting by My Laughing Fire” and “One Wintry Night” display the artistic storytelling and poem writing abilities Ruth possessed.

Ruth was also blessed with a wonderful sense of humor. From Decision Magazine we read how Ruth sprinkled life with humor and observations. “I’ve never considered divorce,” she said once. “Murder, yes, but not divorce.” From childhood on, she was known to be mischievous. Whether chasing her sister Rosa with a dead bug in China or sliding a firecracker under Franklin’s bedroom door to wake him, she seemed to hold her father’s belief that Christians need not be glum and pessimistic. Not even the members of Billy’s Team were exempt from Ruth’s pranks. She once even took Associate Evangelist Grady Wilson’s travel sleeping pills and filled the capsules with mustard powder.

Not only was she an incredible helpmate to her husband, she was an incredible friend, mother to her children, and role model for all.

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