A Poem by Ruth Bell Graham

June 24, 2013

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Ruth Bell Graham knew the importance and transcendence of time. In her book, “It’s My Turn,” an entry from her journal catches a glimpse into her prayers from that day. And she simply recalls, “There is still time.”

She knew that her own life was one of God’s works-in-progress. Ruth once drove by a construction area on a highway where she noticed a sign that would become her epitaph – “End of construction. Thank you for your patience.”

As we mark the start of summer, we remember the words of Ecclesiastes 3, “There is a time for everything.”



. . . . They Come and Go So Quickly
from Legacy of a Pack Rat, by Ruth Bell Graham


They come and go so quickly

Spring and Fall . . .

as if they had not really

come at all.


we could not take

too much of beauty,

breath-catching glory,

ecstasy without relief;

and so

God made them


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