Grammy Winner George Beverly Shea

February 10, 2013

As people across the nation (and even around the world) tune into the Grammy Awards, we are reminiscing on the tremendous honor bestowed on one of our own two years ago.

In 2011, George Beverly Shea received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Grammy Association, alongside Julie Andrews, Dolly Parton and the Ramones. It was the second Grammy Award for Shea, who’s first came back in 1965.


Here’s an interview George Beverly Shea did with Kim Lawton from PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. And, for more from that interview, watch the video below.

Shea told Lawton: “Someone said, ‘Why have you been doing this all these years?’ I put my thumb up to the air toward heaven, and I said I’ve been doing it for Him.”

Shea is still humble about receiving accolades. “They didn’t come to hear me,” he said. “They came to hear Billy Graham.”

You can see Shea’s Grammy Awards on display if you visit the Billy Graham Library before March 31. Both are featured in our exhibit “How Sweet the Sound: A Tribute to George Beverly Shea.”



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