The Archive Collection

Graham Brothers Dairy Farm

May 1, 2012

These are items which are not displayed in our permanent exhibit but are offered here for online viewing.

Have you ever wondered what Billy Graham was like growing up on a North Carolina dairy farm?

This month we are thrilled to feature items relating to the Graham Brothers Dairy Farm. Shown in the following photographs are a glass milk bottle, a dairy order form, and a handwritten letter from a young Billy Graham to a friend describing how he wakes up at 4:00 AM to milk 7 to 8 cows every day.

In addition to milking cows, Billy had other responsibilities on the farm, all of which helped him develop a disciplined lifestyle as a young man.

Billy’s father, Frank Graham, was known for his integrity, hard work and good sense of humor. His strong work ethic led the family and kept the farm together through very difficult economic times.



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