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Archive Insider: Charles Lindbergh Bust

See the unique item Billy Graham received when he was at the Treasure Valley Crusade in Boise, Idaho.  A bust of Charles Lindbergh was presented to Mr. Graham by the United States Headquarters of the Twelfth Air Force.


70th Anniversary of Hour of Decision on Television

September 30, 1951 marks the first time Billy Graham appeared on television with the “Hour of Decision” program.  Experts called the 50’s the “golden age” of television. Televisions had created an enormous impact on society and reshaped how people spent their leisurely time. In 1940, 22 year old Billy Graham marveled at seeing a television …


Billy Graham’s Ministry to Spanish-Speaking People

Billy Graham had a heart to share the Gospel all over the world to people of all languages. He traveled all over the world to tell others about the saving love of Jesus Christ. His travels included many countries where the national language is Spanish. Below, see some of the items in the archives at …


Monday Memorabilia: Ruth’s Tin Cans

What can you do with a tin can? Mrs. Graham came up with some unusual ways to utilize the cans.
In the early days of living in Montreat, with little money, Ruth Graham took tin cans to make her own light fixtures and shades.


Archive Insider: Hoya Clock

  Throughout 2021, we’ll be honoring our local heroes by showcasing items given to Billy Graham by law enforcement, fire, and military personnel throughout the course of his ministry. Billy Graham held a number of Crusades in Japan throughout his more than seventy yearlong ministry. While preaching the Good News overseas, he often spent time …


“Pray on the Spot”

Take a look back in the archives at a 2005 Decision magazine article by longtime associate of Billy Graham and the BGEA Cliff Barrows.