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World Wide Pictures Feature: Mr. Texas

In 2022, BGEA celebrates the 70th anniversary of World Wide Pictures with a look at memorabilia and photos from many of the films produced over the years.


From the Archives: The Gaithers

It was 1976. Cliff Barrows invited Bill and Gloria Gaither to perform at one of Billy Graham’s crusades in Toronto. Close to 70,000 people were expected to be in attendance. Bill and Gloria Gaither were a young married couple at the time, and had never met Billy Graham. From the book, Billy Graham & Me, …


Archive Insider: Fireman Trophy

On February 15, 1971, Billy Graham was named an Honorary Life Member of the George Washington Friendship Fire Company. He was a voice of hope and encouragement for many men and women serving as first responders during the 70 years of his ministry.


Archive Insider: Charles Lindbergh Bust

See the unique item Billy Graham received when he was at the Treasure Valley Crusade in Boise, Idaho.  A bust of Charles Lindbergh was presented to Mr. Graham by the United States Headquarters of the Twelfth Air Force.