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World Wide Pictures: For Pete’s Sake

September 14, 2022

In 2022, we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of World Wide Pictures with a look at memorabilia and photos from many of the films produced over the years.

“For Pete’s sake!” was once an expression of frustration. In 1966, when a movie was released by World Wide Pictures with that title, it certainly fit the feelings of the characters in the film.


Promotional piece for the movie For Pete’s Sake

For Pete’s Sake by World Wide Pictures features a family (a father, mother, and young son) who hears Billy Graham preach at a Crusade in Denver, Colorado. Once they hear the Gospel message, they, like many others at the Crusade, decide to go forward to commit themselves to Christ. But after they make the most important decision they’ll ever make, what will they do now? How will they deal with life’s frustrations and tragedies as new believers?

The movie stars Robert Sampson as Pete (Falcon Crest, Hill Street Blues), Pippa Scott as Marge (Cold Turkey, The Searchers), and Johnny Jensen as their young son, Ronnie Harper (The Invaders, The Andy Griffith Show).

The soundtrack record album for the World Wide Pictures film is here in the archives at the Billy Graham Library. The album features songs such as “The Christ of Every Crisis” as well as the film’s title score composed by Ralph Carmichael.

Record album from the 1966 World Wide Pictures Film For Pete’s Sake

You can stream many of the films by World Wide Pictures for free on services such as Roku, Tubi, and Amazon Prime Video.

A special exhibit celebrating the 70th anniversary of World Wide Pictures will be on display when the Billy Graham Library reopens this fall. Stay connected with the Billy Graham Library social media to see the latest updates. Facebook Instagram Twitter

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