VIDEO: Special Display— “Time is Near”

For over 70 years of ministry, Billy Graham has been driven by an urgency to proclaim the Gospel to as many people as possible. Come to the Library and explore “Time is Near,” a collection of his personal timepieces—from the hourglass he kept on his desk to distinctive gifts from heads of state—that symbolizes the …


Inauguration of President Donald Trump

Today, to mark the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, photos of President Trump were added to the Journey of Faith inside the Billy Graham Library.


World Wide Pictures: London Actress Joan Winmill

Joan Winmill, an actress for World Wide Pictures in the 1950s lived an inspiring life. She went from being an actress in London who rejected the Lord, to a friend of Ruth Bell Graham starring in Christian film.


Temporary Closing—Jan. 9-14, 2017

  The Billy Graham Library will be closed Jan. 9-14, 2017 while regular maintenance is performed and system upgrades are being made. The Library will reopen Jan. 16.


Special Exhibit: Cliff Barrows Tribute—Now through Jan. 31

For more than 60 years, Cliff Barrows was one of the most vital components—and most recognized faces and voices—of the BGEA’s worldwide ministry. Learn more about a life dedicated to Jesus in the special exhibit: Cliff Barrows Tribute through Jan. 31.