5 Quotes on Prayer from Billy Graham

Billy Graham once said, “When Billy Graham was asked about the most important steps in preparing for an evangelistic outreach, he always answered that there were three things that mattered most: Prayer, prayer and prayer.”


Excerpt from “I Saw Your Sons at War”

On Memorial Day, as we honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, we wanted to share these excerpts from Billy Graham’s “I Saw Your Sons at War,” his diary of his visit to Korea during the height of the Korean War.


In His Own Words: Scars of Battle

“Nowhere in the New Testament do I find that Christians are to expect to be easy, popular, comfortable and successful in the eyes of this age.” Read more from Billy Graham on the persecution of Christians.


In His Own Words: Longing for God

What does it mean to “long” for someone? It means that a person is unsatisfied or unfulfilled because there is someone he or she very much wants to be near…