What Billy Graham Had to Say About His Homegoing

Billy Graham greatly looked forward to the day when he would slip the bonds of earth and meet his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ face to face in Heaven. He was excited to rejoin with his wife Ruth and his parents and friends who had passed on before him.

Billy finished his autobiography Just As I Am with these words:

“No, I don’t know the future, but I do know this: the best is yet to be! Heaven awaits us, and that will be far, far more glorious than anything we can ever imagine. As the Bible says, ‘Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is’ (1John 3:2). This is the hope of every believer. It is my hope, and I pray that it is your hope as well.

I know that soon my life will be over. I thank God for it, and for all He has given me in this life.

But I look forward to Heaven.

I look forward to the reunion with friends and loved ones who have gone on before.

I look forward to Heaven’s freedom from sorrow and pain.

I also look forward to serving God in ways we can’t begin to imagine, for the Bible makes it clear that Heaven is not a place of idleness.

And most of all, I look forward to seeing Christ and bowing before Him in praise and gratitude for all He has done for us, and for using me on this earth by His grace-just as I am.”

To Billy Graham, death was not the end, but the wonderful beginning of an eternal life in Heaven. He said, “Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”

Billy Graham’s grandson, Will Graham, son of Franklin Graham and current executive director of The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove, while sad to say an earthly goodbye to his grandfather, was excited for what his grandfather was getting to experience. To see more from Will:




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  1. James Morrill says:

    What a fantastic reality that we will be reunited and that death from this life is only a departure from the bodies we live in. Thank you for your dedication to the Gospel. Your family is a great inspiration standing strong.

  2. Diane Gibbs says:

    My grandma who has entered heaven ALSO WHEN I was young girl was the first one at age 8 introduced me on TV to Billy graham.Now at age 63 I have continued to follow.I look forward TO ALSO meeting HIM ONE day.I did GO SEE franklin Graham in Asheville NC 2019.What a blessing.I READ ALL thier books.I hope TO VOLUNTEER for samaritans purse and at the library this year.ALL the grahams LIVES have been an inspiration for mine.

  3. Peter says:

    At times appropriate challenges to the Faith seem so unrealistic and wrong. Here was a man who knew the challenges and welcomed believers to participate by practicing the Faith. “I am The Wary, The Truth, The Life..” so too in death we can hope there is a Path prepared for us as for Rev. Graham. RIP.

  4. Joyce Self says:

    Yes, I am assured of where I will go when this life is over, and like Billy Graham, I am anxious for the day He takes me home according to His will and purpose. Praise God for His love and care for me and my loved ones.

  5. Kenneth " Mike " Smith says:

    Dr. Graham was such an inspiration to all of us Christians. I thank our God for all of the Graham family. Much love from all my family.

  6. Sharon Ferrell Tucker says:

    Praise God for this wonderful ministry.
    Praise God for His glorious generous salvation.

  7. Pauleeta E Singh says:

    The world mourns the death anniversary of the great evangelist God created.
    Billy Graham’s light still shines as a ray of hope to us all as we listen to his awesome sermons about God’s saving grace to us all and His indescribable gift of salvation to all of us.
    I can imagine Jesus saying to Billy Graham, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

  8. JOHN KELLEY says:


  9. Marie Berns says:

    I enjoy hearing and reading about heaven. I think Billy had it right it will be wonderful and we will be busy

  10. kathleen bird says:

    Billy Graham has been a tremendous blessing to my life and millions of people around the world. Thank you Jesus for his life and ministry. God bless his family that are carrying on so beautifully.

  11. Linda Short says:

    I experienced the Cove, the Library and Christmas dinner in December 2019. It truly was a wonderful and blessed time. I went on to visit the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and STILL saw photos of Billy Graham. Then, I visited MLK National Park and saw even MORE photos of BG. It was a real spiritual journey for me and one that I will never forget! How blessed are we to have had such wonderful models of Christian faith!!

  12. Adam Harrell says:

    I thank God for his Gospel of Truth through Billy Graham! I am so humbled and blessed by his work in Christ! I miss him dearly!

  13. Laraine Baxter says:

    Makes me excited in looking forward to heaven.

  14. Paulina Kumah says:

    We are very happy for you. We will see you again. Until then we will continue to use the tools you left behind to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

  15. Cheri McCollough says:

    Praise God for Billy Graham who preached nothing else but Jesus. When I was a new Christian I loved following in my Bible when he would preach the word and tell of Jesus birth, death and resurrection. Also, I was a counselor trained for the last Billy Graham event in Baltimore; what a blessing to be a part of such a worthy ministry. I am looking forward to honoring the Lord and seeing all the saints who profess Jesus; as Billy Graham honored HIM!! My prayers are with you as life goes on until His return.

  16. Kim Dolan says:

    Billy Graham went to heaven on my 32nd wedding anniversary so I will always remember the day he rejoined his sweet wife. Since than I have been reading much about Ruth and Billy’s love for one a another and learned that what she did at home while he was gone was a true example of a loving a and faithful wife. When Mr. Graham came to Mpls, Minnesota for a crusade it was definitely a point in time in my faith journey which I can remember. Continued prayers for the whole family as they carry on in so many different and amazing ways. Franklin his Crusades,and his daughter Cissie, Will, Ruth,and Anne’s studies and her journey with cancer. May God strengthen you all for your journey here on earth and may your reunion all together be filled with great joy.

  17. Yolanda Risi says:

    The words of Billy Graham are so precious – dying here means changing address and going to the eternal home that Jesus has prepared for those who have accepted Him as their personal Saviour and Lord.

  18. Ed Lopez says:

    Such a blessing! If we all could only be a little bit like Billy Graham!

  19. Samuel Hagopian says:

    I listen to the Billy Graham channel, channel 460, 50 % to 90% of the time. Every now and then I change the radio to some Rock and Roll music. I am a young, to be next month, 71 year old man in Christ.
    It helps and reminds me to walk that straight and narrow path.
    Sincerely yours,
    Sam Hagopian

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