from the Billy Graham Library

‘Virtual Tour’ – Prayer Room

September 12, 2020

Today we are continuing on our virtual tour of the Billy Graham Library. The Prayer Room is located at the end of The Journey of Faith tour. It’s here that volunteers are available to pray with guests. Billy Graham said the most important part of ministry is “Prayer. Prayer. And prayer.” Today, this is an essential part of each and every day at the Library.

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Billy Graham Library grounds
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>> Library Lobby
>> Footprints of a Pilgrim/Ruth’s Room
>>Graham Family Homeplace

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  1. Sharon Tucker

    This is my favorite “Library” in the USA! A few days ago I shared the the Operation Christmas Child post where the bikers delivered so many boxes. Wow!!! The Billy Graham Library:
    The entire place is so real and so beautiful.
    From the time we got there we were at peace, our spirit was calm.
    You can feel the love and true relationship with Christ in everything you see and read.
    The staff/volunteers: the only was to describe them is “hand picked/chosen for the job by God.
    They all live and breath to seek God and share His goodness and increase the kingdom.