Franklin and Bessie’s Picks—December 2020

December 15, 2020

This December at Ruth’s Attic Bookstore, we’re featuring books picked by Franklin Graham and Bessie the Cow.

Each month, Franklin picks a book based on its inspirational message, while Bessie picks a book for children to enjoy.

Franklin’s Pick: The Savior Has Come: An Advent Devotional by Anne Barbour

The Christmas narrative is a riveting one, yet it is one most of us file away until December rolls around. The coming of Jesus to the earth is a pivotal historic event that merits daily remembrance. Anne Barbour’s The Savior Has Come will take you inside the events of the birth of Jesus, bringing the characters and places to life. Reading it will change your experience of Christmastime, and may just change your life as you revisit the significance of Jesus’ arrival. Discover treasures hidden in plain sight in the story of the birth of Jesus.

The Savior Has Come offers a unique reading format that is both refreshing and illuminating. Twenty-four Advent entries provide a simple, meaningful way to rediscover the familiar Biblical telling of the entrance of the Savior of the world. There are Biblical passages written in the text, reflections about the story, prayers, and a place for you to record thoughts and emotions. It was written for individual or group devotions and makes for a great first gift of Christmas.

Franklin’s Pick: In the Presence of the King by Will Graham

As soon as Jesus was born, His arrival on earth brought hope to many—and fear to others. Some immediately recognized Him as God’s greatest gift while others saw Him as a challenge to their authority. With In The Presence of the King, Will Graham invites you to dig deeper into the Scriptural accounts of the first Christmas and see Jesus’s birth through the lens of those who were there—from his mother, Mary, to those living under Herod’s tyrannical rule in Jerusalem.



Bessie’s Pick: Merry Christmas, Nighty Night by Michael W. Smith, with Mike Nawrocki

It’s so hard to fall asleep on Christmas Eve! In this addition to the Nighty Night series from Grammy Award-winner Michael W. Smith and VeggieTales’ Mike Nawrocki, the familiar rhythm of the classic poem “The Night Before Christmas” helps tell an original musical story that captures the wonder of Christmas Eve while helping little ones settle in for a cozy “Silent Night” even when they have trouble going to bed.

Merry Christmas, Nighty Night is a gentle, heartwarming tale that combines an original song with a fun bedtime story to relax little ones and get them ready to sleep. This cute (and sleepy) adventure leads two children to discover that when you’re having trouble falling asleep, a Christmas lullaby might just do the trick.

Merry Christmas, Nighty Night:

  • Is created by Grammy winner Michael W. Smith, who has sold over 15 million albums with 32 number one hits, and VeggieTales co-creator Mike Nawrocki
  • Is a cute holiday padded board book that sparkles with glitter and will help little ones 0-4 settle in for a peaceful night’s sleep
  • Contains a Christmas prayer as well as a lullaby
  • Is the perfect stocking stuffer or Christmas gift for the little sugarplum in your life, including grandchildren and nieces and nephews
  • Contains a presentation page for gift-giving

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