An Inside Look at Billy Graham’s Life

From his humble beginnings as a farm boy to taking the stage in front of millions, Billy Graham had quite the extraordinary journey.

Here at the Billy Graham Library, we take visitors through The Journey of Faith tour where they can retrace Mr. Graham’s dynamic life through stunning videos, photos, and memorabilia. In addition to the tour, we sell a very special DVD in our bookstore called ‘Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey,’ which allows viewers to witness how God worked through Mr. Graham to transform lives over seven decades of ministry.

Today, we’re excited to bring you the good news that this film is now available on Netflix—so people around the world can take an inside look at Billy Graham’s spiritual and personal life.

This film features rare footage and interviews from presidents, celebrities, family and close friends. In addition, the video covers a variety of historical events that occurred throughout his 99 years, including the Civil Rights Movement and 9/11.

The documentary first aired in March 2018 after Mr. Graham’s death. It later became available on DVD and Amazon Prime, where it has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Some viewers’ remarks include:

  • This documentary presents a beautiful picture of a man that is not commonly seen in our world today. A man who wholeheartedly loved Jesus, and also wholeheartedly loved people. Mr. Graham did not push petty agendas, nor did he compromise his convictions because of political or social pressures. May God give the world many more with such a true moral and spiritual compass.

  • A perfect source to help people learn about what a great man Billy Graham was and his contribution to spreading God’s Word here on earth. For myself, it’s a reminder of when I actually attended a Billy Graham crusade in Omaha as a teenager and how it impacted my life in a positive way. Nice to have a snippet of his life and legacy available on DVD to watch over and over.

With the release on Netflix, more people can experience an incredible story that only God could have orchestrated. Find the film on Netflix in the United States, Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Don’t have Netflix? You can order your own DVD here.

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  1. Danny Michael says:

    Everyone should watch this film. It is excellent and really shows what a wonderful impact Billy Graham made through his crusades and his life.

  2. Bill Bates says:

    I most certainly was blessed with Billy Graham’s ministry, and that God and Christ used him to live, labor and wind souls for and to God and Christ, from the time and moment, that Billy Graham first believed, until the Lord took him home most of all, as well!

  3. Rev. Dr. Allen Cherry says:

    Dr.Billy Graham was always very encouraging to me.
    I still miss him and when I think of him tears come to my eyes.

  4. Sharon Nye says:

    I would love to own a DVD but I am going through the side effects of stage 4 tonsil cancer and have not enough money to pay for one. Cancer is very expensive but I believe that Jesus Christ will find a way to get one

  5. Alex Y. says:


    Greetings. I apologize for your struggles. I do know God is with you and He will never give you more than you can handle. Though clouds may seem everywhere, know that above those clouds is God. He sees all and is with you there as well. You’ve got this.

    I would like to purchase the DVD for you. Give me your e-mail and I will follow up with you.

  6. Rhea Aldal says:

    I am older now but just think back as a child any time I had a chance I would watch Billy Graham’s tv shows with the family once we had tv in the home. I have supported the evangelistic association as I could. Love to see people come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. I had the privilege to participate in the Neveda pray for America tour before the present presidency.
    What an experience. God was present – was felt – and several people accepted the invitation to receive Christ. Then we got to jointly hold hands and pray for our nation. I am a Oregon resident but was unable to attend that really.
    I had the privilege to participate as a prayer partner in Bend OR this last fall. Praise God many people accepted Christ under Franklin Graham.

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