The Archive Collection

A Collection of Christmas Artifacts

November 28, 2018

With a 60 year ministry comes historic and memorable artifacts. As we close out this year, we are featuring another collection of artifacts from our archives. This month, as Christmas is quickly approaching, we are sharing a few pieces related to the season.

1991: Desert Storm Bible

Above is a Desert Storm Bible given to Billy Graham on Dec. 17, 1991 at the Pentagon Christmas Service in Washington, DC, by five chaplains.


1966: Plaque from Vietnam

During Christmas in 1966, this plaque was given to Billy Graham by the Air Ground Team Marine Amphibious Force – Danang, Vietnam. There is an inscription on back from from the Commanding General that reads: “To Dr. Graham with warmest personal regards and deepest appreciation for your visit to the U.S. servicemen at Danang on Christmas Day, 1966. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful ministry.” Louis W. Walt Lt. Gen. USMC CG III MAF Danang


1952: Pin from Korea

This silver cross was given to Mr. Graham by US troops. He wore it on his cap when he visited the troops during Christmas in Korea.


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