10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Love

August 2, 2018

“Without Ruth’s partnership and encouragement over the years, my own work would have been impossible,” Billy Graham once said. “We were called by God as a team.”


Billy Graham and his wife Ruth Bell Graham loved the Lord first and each other second. It was evident in their actions that God was the center of their marriage. While Mr. Graham always preached about the love of God, he also stressed the importance of loving our neighbors and family. 

Here are some quotes on the topic of love — both the love of God and the love we give to others here on earth.

“’God is love’ means that He tries constantly to block your route to destruction.”

“God is saying from the cross, ‘I love you! I love you! I love you!'”

“True love is an act of the will – a conscious decision to do what is best for the other person instead of ourselves.”

“Scripture makes it clear that our first love is always to be for our Lord.”

“’When you truly love someone, you want to please and honor them by the way you act. How you treat someone shows whether or not you really care about them.”

“When Christ’s love fills our hearts, it puts selfishness on the run.”

“The mystery of God’s love would not be a mystery if we knew all the answers.”

“I suppose the most misused word in all the English language is the word ‘Love.’ But, you know, the whole Bible is a love story; God’s love affair with the human race.”

“I want you to know tonight one thing: God loves you. No matter how you’ve lived and no matter what the color of your skin; no matter what your racial background, no matter what language you speak – God loves you!”

“God’s love is unchangeable; He knows exactly what we are and loves us anyway.”

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