10 Quotes from Billy Graham on Grief

September 6, 2019

Grief is a common emotion that follows tragedy; something we experience in this fallen world. Here are 10 quotes from Billy Graham on grief.

“No matter what your situation may be, God is always with you. You are never completely alone when you know Christ.”

“Remember that God loves you and He has a purpose for all this that we don’t understand at the moment.  None of us can quite figure it out, but God knows, and by faith we leave it in His hands.”

“Even if others don’t understand your grief, God does—and He wants to assure you of His constant love and presence.”

“Grief is like going through a tunnel—and sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever come out the other end. But God has not abandoned you, and He wants to comfort you and assure you that He is with you. Jesus’ words are true: ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.’ (Matthew 5:4)”

“God knows what you’ve been going through, and I want to assure you that He understands your feelings. The Bible reminds us that Christ was ‘a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief’ (Isaiah 53:3, KJV).”

Grief turns us inward, but compassion turns us outward, and that’s what we need when grief threatens to crush us.”

“Even in the midst of our worst times, God has not abandoned us. We may feel overwhelmed by our problems and sorrows — but God is never overwhelmed, nor do they take Him by surprise.”

“Sometimes our way lies in the sunlight. Other times it lies in the path of sorrow. Yet even sorrows turn to blessings when they make us less attached to the world and more attached to God. Then more than ever we discover that Jesus truly is our friend.

“If there is something we need more than anything else during grief, it is a friend who stands with us, who doesn’t leave us. Jesus is that friend.”

“But God loves you, and even in the midst of your grief and loneliness, God wants to fill the empty places in your heart. If you’ve never done so, or if you are unsure, turn to Jesus Christ today and by faith ask Him to come into your life.”

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