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10 Quotes from Billy Graham About His Wife

This month marks the wedding anniversary of Billy Graham and Ruth Bell Graham. They were married in Montreat, North Carolina, on August 13. Here are ten quotes by Billy about his beautiful bride. 

“My wife often said that ‘a good marriage consists of two good forgivers.’”

“Two things I felt sure of: first, that Ruth was bound to get married someday; and second, that I was the man she would marry.”

“I have been asked the question, ‘who do you go to counsel for spiritual guidance?’ My answer: My wife, Ruth. She is the only one I completely confide in.”

“Whenever I did get home, I got a crash course in the agony and ecstasy of parenting. If Ruth had not been convinced that God had called her to fulfill that side of our partnership and had not resorted constantly to God’s Word for instruction and to His grace for strength, I don’t see how she could have survived.”

“[Ruth’s] disposition is the same all the time–very sweet and very gracious and very charming. When it comes to spiritual things, my wife has had the greatest influence on my ministry.”

“A good marriage is not “made in heaven,” but on earth. Love is a fragile commodity which needs to be cultivated and nourished constantly.”

“Gardens don’t grow by themselves; they need to be tended and cultivated and weeded. The same is true of a marriage.”

“As newlyweds, in a first pastorate, Ruth and I were pretty typical lovebirds, I guess. We took hikes in the sunshine and in the rain, especially enjoying the arboretum nearby. On rare occasions, I went golfing and Ruth caddied for me.”

“A friend once told me, ‘When I wake up in the morning, I always stop and ask God to help me find ways to bless my wife today.’ That’s good advice.”

“As my wife used to say, a strong marriage actually needs to include three people: the husband, the wife—and God.”

 Read more about Ruth Bell Graham here. 

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  1. Evelyn Disko says:

    Such beautiful heartfelt and inspiring quotes! Rev. Graham and Ruth had a wonderful marriage centered in God and all His glory. What a sweet loving couple!

  2. steven cohn says:

    THEY ARE NOW JUST BROTHER AND SISTER IN CHRIST IN HEAVEN, THERE IS NO MARRIAGE IN HEAVEN.[ CHANGE SUBJECT] Charlotte just had its gay pride weekend, what has happened to billy’s hometown? where wAS the evangelism team from BGEA DURING THIS DESPICABLE EVENT? christians in Charlotte cannot just let this event happen without the gospel being proclaimed there. brother Wiersema came from virginia to preach to the homosexual crowds. dont be lukewarm in these end times! how can you let Charlotte become a haven for SIN?

    1. James Crowson says:

      Thanks for the influence and sharing how a married couple should live life.

  3. Karen Bryant says:

    They were an inspiration in my life. She was a strong woman, with grace and mercy. They complimented each other well, and when you saw them you could feel and see the love they had for one another, and for God.

  4. Diaz Richard says:

    Love these comments! ❤️🙏

  5. Derek Culver says:

    Thank you! Yes, Jesus is the third strand in a rope that helps keep marriages together. It takes work.

  6. Millie says:

    They were & are a blessing

  7. Sharon Metro says:

    Beautiful..no wonder they were married, apparently, for so long..!

    1. Carol Cooper says:

      I left my reply but I do not see it.

  8. Liz Bagley says:

    Lovely, godly couple.😌🙏🏻💕

  9. Chuck says:

    I like these quotes on marriage I to try and bless my wife! This is my second marriage my first wife is with JESUS now! I have a promise I’ll be holding her again! Thank you GOD Bless you !🙏🏼👍🥰

  10. Rev. Libny G. Pineda says:

    Interesting, helpful and pleasant. A good package of Instructions! Thank you!

  11. Pamela Soudry says:

    Thank you for sharing Ruth Bell Graham’s Bible.

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