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Billy Graham’s Glasses

November 14, 2017

Billy Graham has appeared on television countless times—from interviews with famous hosts to his beloved Christmas Specials. The glasses shown below were one of the pairs he owned that were approved for television—because the frames didn’t stand out too far.

No matter what the reason he was on air, he always took the opportunity to share about his faith in Jesus Christ. Above, you’ll see Rev. Graham with Merv Griffin on The Merv Griffin Show. During one of Graham’s appearances on that show, Griffin asked him about Jesus Christ’s return:

Merv Griffin: Jesus really led a terrific life, a beautiful life.  I always wonder sometimes if He decided to make a second appearance what in the world would they do to Him.

Billy Graham: Merv, He’s coming again.  The Bible says that.  I believe as much as I am sitting right here that Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth again.  The Bible teaches it in the New Testament 318 times; it’s taught all the way through the Old Testament; but next time He’s not coming as a carpenter of Nazareth, He’s coming as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  And the Bible says, just as the world is about ready to blow itself up, at some x point in history, Christ is going to come and bring peace.

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