Billy Graham’s 99th Birthday

Billy Graham turned 99 on Tuesday, November 7, having spent over three-quarters of his life preaching the Gospel. He begins his 100th year as one of the most admired men in America. Throughout seven decades of ministry, Rev. Graham has impacted and changed the lives of millions.

Looking back to 1978, Billy Graham enjoyed cake for his 60th birthday with his wife right before heading off to another Crusade. The Charlotte Observer wrote:

“Some people on the threshold of their 60th birthday start looking ahead, longingly, to retirement.

But Billy Graham — just back from Poland and off next week to Singapore and Hong Kong — told a birthday banquet Saturday night: “I will proclaim this message . . . as long as God gives me the breath. I have no plans to retire.

Graham. . . told 550 men, gathered to honor him with a formal dinner at Myers Park County Club, he was ‘grateful, flattered and humbled’ by the experience ‘I will always treasure.'”

Still today, Rev. Graham continues  his ministry through prayer for this nation and this world. Happy 99th birthday, Billy Graham!

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  1. Daniel Ford says:

    Rev Billy Graham

    Always in my prayers. Happy Birthday. Be careful when you blow out the candles.

  2. Vivian Gaddy says:

    I have thought of Rev. Graham all day – 99 years of major influence in tons of people’s lives – telling them about JESUS – inspiring them – and giving all of us wholesomeness from our precious LORD ! * read his articles every day in the ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES – cut them out and save them – my 89 year old momma “saves” anything she can about BILLY ! !

  3. Marylou Campbell says:

    Happy Birthday dear Dr. Billy Graham!!! ???
    Thank you for loving God, and people!

  4. Joe and Terri Schrock says:

    Wishing Mr. Graham a very happy and blessed birthday. You are truly an inspiration to many.

  5. Maureen Southey says:

    Congratulations great man of God . I remember you when you came to Rhodesia/Zimbabwe around 1959/60 . There was an enormous following and my husband and I gave our lives to Jesus then . Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family in every way. .

  6. H Lee Brucato says:

    Happy 99th Birthday Dr. Graham! You have been a spiritual inspiration to me for over four decades. Thank you for your service in the army of God and His Son-Yeshua! God’s Blessings,

    H. Lee Brucato, Retired, USAF

  7. Pamela Macaluso says:

    God bless you, Dr. Graham! Happy belated Birthday! And thank you, and your precious family, for loving and serving others so faithfully all over the world. You stayed true to the call from God on your life and are an inspiration and example of God’s faithfulness!!! I truly look forward to meeting you when our appointed times to be in heaven come to pass….after placing my eyes on Jesus, of course! Grace and peace and love to you and yours!!!

  8. Pawny Mate says:

    I made a birthday card, but was unable to post on Rev Graham’s time line yesterday, so I just posted it publicly hoping many would see it and wish him a happy birthday anyway. Thanks for all his years of giving to Our Heavenly Father! Hope he had a happy and healthy birthday. I truly love and respect this man. To me he is somewhat like John the Baptist – they both had a serious message to tell all who would listen. I can’t help but wonder if Christ will come before he died or shortly there after. Thanks so much from being the voice for the one who loves us most. Love, Pawny Mate

  9. duck crisco says:


  10. Donna Bristol says:

    Happy 99th Birthday, Mr. Graham! God bless you!
    4 generations of my family have watched you on tv. My 96 yr old grandmother, my 78yr old mother, myself and teenaged children.
    I watched you as a child. My mother still says today no one will ever have Billy Graham’s voice.

  11. Marcine Onsted says:

    God Bless You Billy Graham for your faithfulness all of these years ! Truly you have reached more people for the Lord than anyone else. I have followed you for the past 50 years and feel like I know you.

  12. Michel Carlton says:

    Happy and Belated Birthday Evangelist Graham, the Lord has used you and your Ministry to really bless me throughout the years, may our Lord/Savior continue to bless you and your family. Maranantha!!

  13. Peter says:

    “From here to Eternity..” As ever: May God Bless Billie Graham.

  14. Gary Morefield says:

    Thank You!! Words on this side will never capture what eternity will reveal. Thank you for your impact on my life and family.

  15. Jim Gathings says:

    I want to be as close to god as you are

  16. Bill Hedrick says:

    Dr Billy Graham…
    Happy Birthday last week. Thank you for giving most of your life to preaching the Gospel of Christ. My wife & I came forward in Okla City Crusade in the 50s. We still watch your “Classics” each week on TBN. They are still encouraging to us.
    Thanks again.
    Bill & Vera Hedrick

  17. Juan Murillo Jr. says:

    Happy Birthday ;Mr Graham, JESUS Love’s you and so do I…p.s. I went to one of your program’s in ,1980. Where I give my life to the LORD. GOD BLESS YOU.

  18. Sharon Nye says:

    God bless you Billy. You have been doing God’s work by spreading His Word for all these years. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven. Of course that will be after I see Jesus Christ.

  19. Michael Hall says:

    Happy Birthday, Rev. Graham! You have richly blessed a long line of our family members. Sadly, some have pulled way back and don’t even think that there is a God. Our hearts are broken for them. Please add Jonathan, Kristen, Bobby, and Michelle to the prayer

  20. Mary Anderson says:

    Receive your emails but just wanted to say if we Protestants had Saints Billy Graham would be our first one.
    Praying for Mr. Graham, Franklin, Ann & the entire family & Ministry. It has been my incredible honor to have had the opportunity to hear Rev. Graham & his son in person.

  21. Pamela Hebert says:

    I am so glad that God has blessed you with 99 years And you are still going strong. I have watched you on tv when I was just a kid with my mom. May God bless you with many more years. Thank you for being you. God Bless You.

  22. Ken Moore says:

    I want thank God for your faithfulness in His service and I pray that the Lord would set apart another evangelist that would again impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ the power of God onto Salvation to those who would believe as the closing days of time open up before us according to the fulfillment of the Scriptures and as we wait for the dawning of the morning of the Almighty.

  23. Tessa says:

    Listening to Rev Billy Graham on Sirius radio. So motivating and amazed at how powerful the anointing remains on his messages.

  24. Sheila DeLaCruz says:

    I hope you know how much we love you Mr. Billy Graham. May God Smile on you and Bless you and your family. You mean so much to us. … Sheila DeLaCruz

  25. Cindy Lam says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Graham!
    I took 5 shoeboxes to a location today to be dropped off. I wrote a note and enclosed it in each box saying that I had watched you since I was a small child on t.v., I also watched Nancy Zieman’s sewing show. She passed away this week. You, Nancy and I all love Jesus. I packed all my boxes with sewing notions and wrote that it should go to a girl that wants to sew. It was so easy to do. Thank you for the opportunity to give to a child and introduce our Jesus to her.
    Again, Happy Birthday and hope you have a wonderful hundred more!

  26. Samuel Ali Kwabe says:

    Happy birthday to this icon of our time who God is using to bless others with the Gospel message. I wish you long life as you continue serving the Lord.

  27. Al Eads, Jr. says:

    1949 started my interaction with Billy Graham at a Christian Endeavor conference in Long Beach, California in April of that year. I am pleased to still be influenced by his life but more importantly to be imprinted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ that he proclaimed that evening and has continued to share with the world from that evening until this time. May God continue to Bless Him during this 100th year of his life.

  28. Ronald Davies says:

    What an honor to send praise to Dr. Billy Graham. You are loved and thanked by this nation and more. Happy Birtday and more forever. Amen.

  29. Haulienhlu Tusing says:

    I am one of the millions touched by the ministry of this God-anointed man, and on behalf of those, who are unable to wish and thank him on his birthday, I say THANK YOU ! with all my heart.

  30. Peggy Goodwin says:

    I first heard Reverend Graham at a revival meeting in Richmond Va. when I was 12 years old. My parents always listened to his televised crusades. I have read every book written by and about his amazing life dedicated to God. I was privileged to be a part if the 1000 voice choir at his grand son’s graduation at Liberty University where I I got to hear his testimony and faithful commitment to God. I feel the whole world has benefited from Rev. Graham’s faithful commitment to God’s commandments. Surely he is the hands of God.

  31. Donna Sudderth says:

    Happy 99th Birthday Billy Graham You are a BLESSING to All

  32. Delieta Guy says:

    As a little girl we always watched the crusades……every night of them! We all loved listening and then seeing how God moved the lost to accept Christ! I look forward to seeing Billy Graham in heaven and hear George sing again!

  33. barbara muff says:

    you are in our hearts and our prayers, dear Rev Graham.
    May the Lord bless you . the Muff Family

  34. theresamash says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Billy Graham. I will be praying for you and your family. God bless you all.

  35. Tom Newman says:

    May the Lord God bless you and keep you near and dear to His heart.You and BGEA have been a great blessing to many on this planet. My first knowledge of you came about as my mom and dad would watch your crusades on our old black and white tv that only picked up 3 channels back then. I got saved in prison at 52 years old and would love to read your Q&A article in the newspaper each week. Anyway, Im fortunate to have been alive during your time and though I may not see you in this life, I’ll surly look you up in Heaven. Love, joy and peace in Jesus.

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