Billy Graham: Pastor to Presidents

February 19, 2012

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Every U.S. President since World War II has met with Billy Graham.  Billy Graham has often said, “Whether the story of Christ is told in a huge stadium, across the desk of a powerful leader, or shared with a golfing companion, it satisfies a common hunger. All over the world, whenever I meet people face-to-face, I am made aware of this personal need among the famous and successful, as well as the lonely and obscure.”

As we recognize President’s Day, we thought it would be great to share a personal story from Billy Graham about his relationship with President Eisenhower. For more presidential stories, click here.

From Page 205 of Just As I Am:

In December of 1968, I had a private meeting at Walter Reed hospital with Eisenhower. The details of our conversation were so intimate and sacred that I never hinted of them until after his death’ then I asked Mamie’s permission to reveal them, which she gave willingly.

As my scheduled twenty minutes with him extended to thirty, he asked the doctor and nurses to leave us. Propped up on pillows amidst intravenous tubes, he took my hand and looked into my eyes. “Billy, you’ve told me how to be sure my sins are forgiven and that I’m going to Heaven. Would you tell me again?”

“I took out my New Testament and read to him again the familiar Gospel verses, the precious promises of God about eternal life. Then, my hand still in his, I prayed briefly.

“Thank you,” he said. “I’m ready.”

I knew he was. As I stood to leave, he grinned and waved.

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