A Poem from Ruth Bell Graham

June 26, 2012

Categories: Ruth Bell Graham

From Sitting by My Laughing Fire:

"Sitting by My Laughing Fire," a book of poetry by Ruth Bell Graham

Don’t crowd me.
I need room to grow,
to stretch my wings,
breathe deep and slow;
to look about,
to think things through;
don’t hem me in,
don’t block the view.

Don’t push me;
I need time to grow,
to savor life from day
to day; freedom to go
at my own pace;
leisure to live more thoroughly,
unherded and unhurried, please;
just let me BE.

Don’t stalk me.
Follow where He leads
though it may mean
another path, one needs
one single aim in life:
follow well, work hard,
obedient and faithful. So
Go! – after God.

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