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12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 10

December 16, 2020

For 12 days, we will be posting Christmas giveaways in anticipation of the day Jesus Christ was born. Our hope is that these gifts will encourage followers of the blog to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Today’s giveaway is a home package.

  • Joy to the World tea towel
  • Painted coffee mug
  • Jesus is the Reason for the Season stoneware coasters
  • “Welcome to our Table” by Shirley and Danae Dobson

Giveaway Rules:

To enter to receive the “Day 10” giveaway, share what your family does for Christmas meals in the comments below. The winner will be chosen randomly from comments received at before Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET. No purchase necessary. Odds of winning depend on the number of comments received. Void where prohibited. U.S. only.

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  1. Becky Robinson

    We get together with my Mom’s siblings for lunch & eat & enjoy being together. My Mom’s brother often request her to make a certain dessert, like her popular banana pudding & her brother might request a pound cake or that my Mom make my Grandma’s popular chocolate cake.

  2. Raymond Bruner

    We start our special Christmas Day meals with a breakfast casserole after opening our Christmas stocking gifts (something to eat, to read, to play, & need). Then we open our gifts under the tree. For our main Christmas meal, we enjoy spiral ham with pineapple stuffing. This year will be special as it will be the first Christmas with a married daughter – they were married back in June.

  3. Lora Rosamond

    Growing up, Christmas dinner was always held in the warmth of Grandma’s house. Now the family meets at my sister’s home since she has the most room. We traditionally have ham and turkey. All of the siblings and cousins bring a variety of side dishes and desserts to share. In total there are about 25 of us except for this year…..we are doing two separate gatherings due to Covid. We ask the blessing, fill our plates, and spread out at separate tables to enjoy fellowship and food.

  4. Lori Gillenwater

    I love the entire day. What a feast. It starts out with pastries and tamales and coffee and opening presents and then it goes to eating the Christmas candy then to snacks and then more snacks while making the main meal of all the simple long-standing smorgasbord of Christmas delightfullness and dessert.

  5. For Christmas, my family always starts with my mom’s breakfast casserole. As our family continues to grow, each of us kids bring a food, since we all have our own families coming together. For lunch & dinner, we do a variety of other casseroles, with 1 main meat as well.

  6. Jennifer Murphy

    Christmas Eve is the candlelight service at church. On Christmas morning we have a breakfast pie. My mom started making this pie when I was a child, and since she passed, now I make this pie for my dad and my family. I always make my great aunt’s red velvet cake too. She gave me the recipe when I got married (22 years ago)! We spend the rest of the day with family.

  7. Brandi Hall

    Normally, on Christmas Eve my family serves candies, appetizers and snacks to include cookies, peanut butter balls, sausage balls, a cheese ball etc! For Christmas Day, we like to have a big breakfast with punch and relax to enjoy the day.

  8. We are in that odd stage of trying to figure out how to do Christmas. Three of our kids are out of the house either at college. The one thing that has stayed the same is the reading of the Christmas story.

  9. Gabrielle S

    My family has made it a tradition to cook biscuits and gravy for breakfast every Christmas morning. We end the evening with a big home cooked meal with ham, mashed potatoes, beans, and sometimes venison.

  10. Abbey Gaskill

    Our family usually goes to Grandmas house. We all have started to bring a dish. From Ham and many different sides. Desserts are pecan pie and a few other special cakes. My Grandmas sweet potato casserole is my favorite!

  11. Sarah Worley

    I’m single, so for breakfast I fix something special such as breakfast casserole or this year breakfast sliders. For lunch, my family has started having a theme based lunch. One year it was a tropical theme, last year was our favorite story book character theme. We all bring a dish & always have either a Happy Birthday Jesus cake, cookie or dessert!

  12. Melanie Elrod

    We laugh because our food tradition is no tradition. I cannot say that we absolutely have to have a certain dish each Christmas. It started because my mom was tired of fixing ham, turkey, dressings, etc. and decided we would eat lasagna. We still tend to like the lasagna, but we never know – this year it might just be Mexican!!

  13. C. Edenburn

    My family has always shared a meal together on Christmas Eve…it used to always be at my Grandparents home (I can remember being a child, sitting in my grandparents den on a wobbly fold out picnic table…with 4-5 other cousins…it’s a wonder that table lasted the way it did). 😊 My Grandfather hasn’t been with us for the past 4 years now (passed away from pneumonia complications). My grandmother has just recently had open heart surgery but is healing and recovering well. We will meet again this Christmas Eve (what used to be a gathering of almost 30 will be closer to 10 or 12 this year). I’m so thankful for this beautiful Christmas Season and the beautiful Joy it brings.

  14. Heather L

    We gather on Christmas Day to enjoy a traditional meal of prime rib with various sides. Kids sit in a different room and enjoy conversations amongst
    Themselves to feel grown. Making memories.

  15. Heather L

    I’ve made overnight rolls for the past 28 years. The recipe was given to me by a coworker the first year I moved to NC. We enjoy them after baking during Christmas morning. We then gather on Christmas Day (22 of us) to enjoy a traditional meal of prime rib with various sides. Kids sit in a different room and enjoy conversations amongst
    Themselves to feel grown. Making memories that are cherished this year since we’ll be apart.

  16. This is the second year of a new tradition. All of our relatives we had Christmas dinner have passed away so last year and this year we cook a small amount of tons of different foods. We eat and relax and enjoy each others company. It is amazing and relaxing. We also always bake a birthday cake for Jesus… It is corny but helps remind us of why we even have Christmas!

  17. Back about 8 years ago, all the family gathered at my sister’s home for dinner and sharing our lives, because we all lived from 2 to 8 hours apart ! Now, all the children are out of college and have lives of there own and moved away parents are older and retiring and not as healthy as they use to be ! Seems, we now never see each other ! But, the love is still there and we keep in touch almost every day ! God has always blessed us !

  18. Over the last few years, my family has made a tradition of ordering prepared casseroles and our favorite sandwich trays (with potato casserole on sandwiches!) from a local deli (of which we have been patrons for years!). I don’t know when we unofficially started this; however, over the years, I’ve come to enjoy this even more because it allows us to spend less time cleaning up and more time soaking in Christmas. Growing up, my grandmother used to make her classic sugar cookies. Now, I try to carry on the tradition!

  19. Sanghee Ku

    My mother in law is Italian and we always have at least one item with sauce (Lasagna or meatballs etc.) along with ham, creamy sweet corn casserole, sweet potatoes casserole, mashed potatoes, Southern collard greens, cornbread and dinner rolls.

  20. Ramona Floricel

    We are from Romania so usually for Christmas we have stuffed cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes and chicken or pork, depends what meat we have. We also make homemade sausage and we have some of that too. And then we make a lot of Romanian desserts that we get to enjoy. We also spend time with our family that’s close to us because some of our family is still back home in Romania!

  21. Sandra Stucker

    My family is a blended one so my son and his family come to my house for a meal and gift exchange the week before. We will go to our church Christmas Eve for the first time for service then off to my mother in laws house. No crowding there she is 91. Christmas Day is spent with my only sister and her family.

  22. Christmas Day is filled with magic and many great memories. Christmas morning we have Rudolph pancakes. The pancakes are in the shape of a reindeer and we use bacon for the antlers. For lunch we have ham, several vegetables, and desserts!

  23. katherine freeman

    On Christmas Eve our family has a traditional German meal of Rouladen and German potato salad. Christmas morning we have sausage gravy and biscuits and for dinner we have ham, potato casserole, pineapple bread pudding and veggie sides.

  24. We get together at my parents house. My siblings and their families. We have pizza, salad and breadsticks. Last year one of my brother’s made homemade breadsticks. His family won’t be with us this year. They are staying home because of COVID. Sad

  25. Clare Ferguson

    Christmas morning, my husband makes sausage balls. On Christmas Day, we follow my family tradition and Texas roots of homemade enchiladas, a pot of red beans and Mexican rice and dessert of pecan pralines ( my great grandmothers recipe).

  26. Lynn Hood

    We eat around the table together. We do something simple so that we can all enjoy the time together and someone is not in the kitchen forever. This year I will make a lasagna my family likes and it can be made ahead of time and just put in the oven. I also ask other family members to help with the meal (salads, etc) and then end the meal with all the homemade goodies I have been baking.

  27. Roy Turner

    Since our immediate family lives in 4 states we have an early Christmas with some and a second gathering the day after Christmas. The wife and I attended Christmas Eve Service at our church and then have dinner at home. Christmas day we have a great breakfast then share our gifts together. Dinner then consists of a standing rib roast with the trimmings. We give thanks for the birth of Jesus.

  28. jennifer anderson

    We have a special tradition for Christmas Eve: hoagie sandwiches and clam chowder. Becasue my family owned a store and worked long hours before Christmas and Christmas Eve, dinner had to be simple and easy to eat when you found a moment.

  29. Stephanie Maggert

    Ours is a pretty traditional meal… turkey or ham, potatoes, stuffing, gravy, corn. And salads, one side of the family has sweet potato pie, and date pudding. With oyster stew for the evening meal later. The other side we have sandwiches with the leftover meat. And sometimes homemade ice cream!! Christmas is such a special time. ❤️💚