12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 12


For 12 days, we are posting Christmas giveaways in anticipation of the day Jesus Christ was born. Our hope is that these gifts will encourage followers of the blog to focus on the real meaning of this season. Today’s giveaway includes a Bible and the book, “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand.

Giveaway Rules:

To enter to receive the “Day 12” giveaway, share in the comments below a significant moment in your journey of faith. The winner will be chosen randomly from comments received at https://billygrahamlibrary.org/12-days-christmas-giveaways-day-12-2018/ before Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET. No purchase necessary. Odds of winning depend on the number of comments received. Void where prohibited.

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  1. Kimberly says:

    When I was told that my baby girl I was pregnant with was going to die they did not think she would make it. And then I would have a very late term miscarriage stillbirth basically. Due to situs invertis adomolis. did not accept that and every single day I prayed over my baby she is now four years old and I still stand on God’s word her insides are backwards and she has a hole in her heart that even a surgeon said that she was going to need surgery for but again praying over her while she was sleeping close that hole to the point surgery was not needed. I give God all the praise and the glory for healing this little girl he is the almighty physician and the almighty surgeon and the doctors here in my town are calling her a medical marvel!

  2. Nicole Thompson says:

    A youth retreat I attended in Panama City, Florida completely changed my entire life around for the best!

  3. april jacques says:

    Finding the perfect church, which now has helped me through my struggle with my daughter and her addiction.

  4. Brenda D Cavanaugh says:

    I accepted Christ at 8 years old at a crusade in San Francisco and have thanked God for the blessing of Dr. Graham my entire life. I have shared the Gospel just as he did with everyone in my path. I just left the The Cove on Saturday after bringing a friend all the way from Michigan. If Dr Graham can go around the world, I can spend my life bringing people to the Library and the Cove to share God’s Word too.

  5. Beth Smith says:

    The day right before Mom passed away she ask me to make sure the kids grew up in the Church and if they from the path of Jesus turn them about to him

  6. Joshua Bawi says:

    I want it for spiritual wisdom

  7. Janice Absher says:

    At this time in my life and health issues and the death of my son. I’m just trusting in the Lord to see me through and reunite me with my one and only son . Merry Christmas
    Very sad here.

  8. Gary Mullins says:

    My mother suffers from dementia. I am her sole caregiver. There are many times when I feel alone and helpless. Without my faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, I would not be able to give my Mom the care she deserves. So my “significant moment” happens every day.

  9. Derrick O. Lockhart says:

    When I was told my daughter, who was born three months premature. And given only a 40% chance of survival due to her early arrival. I prayed like I had never prayed before in in my life. God answered my prayers. She went on to graduate from Duke University. And she is currently a writer for a large media outlet in Washington, D.C…. Glory be to God.

  10. Garry Miller says:

    I have had the privilege meeting and being being involved with three crusades with Billy Graham in 1978, With Franklin Graham in 2004 and Will Graham in 2018.
    Thru this process my faith has become stronger in spreading the gospel

  11. Pamela Edwards says:

    When my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer I normally would have been so upset & frightened but I felt calm & at peace . I prayed & put her in God’s hands , I told her she would be fine . I had peace in my heart . After 11 hours of surgery & a lengthy recovery, she has been cancer free for many years . I know that the power of prayer is mighty , that was a significant moment when we went through her cancer .

  12. Heather says:

    When I became an adult member of the Catholic faith. I decided to go through the program the same year as my son was going through his first communion so we would have the firsts of the religion and faith at the same time.

  13. Kathy Stephens says:

    The time that my faith seemed the most important and joyous thing in my life was during my mother’s fight with ALS and death. My faith gave me strength and courage when it was needed and true joy when her suffering was over and I knew she was rejoicing with her Savior and that I would see her someday in a new, whole body! He is so good to me!

  14. Elisabeth Perkjns says:

    When I was 10 my journey of faith started. I accepted Christ as my Savior and placed my faith in Him!

  15. Elisabeth Perkins says:

    I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 10… a few years ago I have been regularly reading through the Bible in 1-1 1/2 years. That has been a real help in my daily spiritual growth.

  16. Joshua Samuel says:

    A remarkable moment in my spiritual journey was when The Lord sent me to India to preach the Gospel during the summrr of 2015. The Lord confirmed my calling to evangelism during this special trip. I will never forget it

  17. Angie Dillner says:

    Our son was hospitalized twice before he was two years old. It was very scary as he had pneumonia several times and other breathing problems. I had to fully rely on prayer and cling to hope.

  18. carol clark says:

    well i lost my family and the option i was looking toward was sucide and my grandmaw told me something one time that rang a bell in me and my faith started coming back to me

  19. Courtney Janzen says:

    I wanted to grow deeper with Christ, so I joined my local Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), and it’s been life changing. You read the bible and study the bible in depth. I love it!

  20. Stacey Peeler says:

    When my Lord Jesus Christ saved my soul on July 23 2018. I am sorry to say that it took me 34 years. But I would not change my walk with the Lord for anything. May God bless yall this Christmas season.

  21. Patricia Ray says:

    When my life was a little crazy and busy working two jobs and a single mother. I finally told the Lord “ if this is all that there is for my life, help me to be okay with it”! Not long after that prayer the Lord sent a wonderful, Christian man to be my husband!

  22. Julia Miller says:

    In 2000 my feet were badly burned in a weird accident. We had some property cleared and after all the trees were burned our contractor covered the burn pile with dirt. On July 4th I was walking across our property and my feet sunk down in the smoldering pit and burned much of the flesh off my feet.
    My plastic surgeon did not believe I would ever walk again even after the skin grafts.
    I knew my Savior was the great healer and I would put my grandfathers old torn up bible on my feet and pray for a healing. Three months later I was walking and back at work as a Deputy Sheriff! I share my testimony of the great healer whenever I can.

  23. Beth Higgins says:

    I am actually in the middle of a significant moment in my faith journey now. I have struggled with trusting, most of my life. But this year has been filled with circumstances that are forcing me to place my trust completely in God. After a dream the other night, I awoke with the realization, that only God can take care of, and protect me.

    1. bglibrary says:

      Hi Beth,
      It’s wonderful to hear that you are leaning into God during this time. We encourage you to read what Billy Graham advised in regards to having faith: https://billygraham.org/grow-your-faith/topics/christianity/faith/

  24. Karen Pope says:

    Being part of what God is doing in India by serving on a missions team several times over the last ten years has grown my faith immeasurably. God even allowed me to meet the young girl I sponsored during that time. All praise and glory to Him!!

  25. Linda Baker says:

    The summer of 1971, when I was saved at a Young Life youth camp in NC!

  26. Bonnie S says:

    The year my mom passed was hard. Piecing together her final days, dealing with grief, people calling out of nowhere to disturb with incessant questions or to tell me about what they needed and wanted. God gave me strength for each day, peace to get through it, and surrounded me with people appointed to help me remain stable through it all. He delivers on His promises.

  27. Jan Beown says:

    When I realized that hearing God involved reading His Word (via an Anne Graham Lotz conference )

  28. Sabrina Zehner says:

    I have faith I will wake tomorrow.

  29. Debbie says:

    There have been a couple. One in which I went into labor 3 months early so was hospitalized on bed rest for 58 days. They were not sure how long they would be able to keep me from having our daughter even with the medicine as I never stopped labor even though I didn’t feel it. God gave us a beautiful, healthy 3# little girl with absolutely no health problems at all. It was a significant moment in faith knowing God was in control and trusting in Him through the whole time.

  30. Karen Cravens says:

    I had my 3rd back surgery April 17, 2018 and when I woke up I could not move any part of my right leg, foot or toes. So then I went to rehab for a month. Then to home health and now I go to outpatient PT. when I started rehab I was scared to death! It was the hardest, scariest thing to try and learn to walk again. But I gave praise to Jesus every time I took a step and each day I could do something I couldn’t do the day before. I let it be known to every one of my caregivers that without God’s mercy and grace I could not walk! God showed me that I needed Him and without him I can do nothing. He calmed my fears and I knew He was with me. Praise the Lord!! Now 8 months later I can walk some without a walker! Praise God!!

  31. Raju Chindham says:

    When I started to sing in quior my internal faith in lord building day by day. Song I sing make me very joyful in Christ.

  32. Casey Highley says:

    The day I was baptized into my faith is the most significant memory of this journey of faith.

  33. Taylor says:

    When my daughter was born

  34. Toni Horvat says:

    One of the more recent significant moments in my journey of faith was seeing a friend saved after years of praying for her. We now enjoy visiting as sisters, not just friends – what a blessing!

  35. Kelli says:

    A significant moment was when I knew God wanted me to move my daughter and myself on the other side of the country from family and our church home. We leave in about 5 months to start our new adventure and even though there is still many details to work out, like a job for me, I know it isn’t God’s will and He is goin before us.

  36. Marie Glidewell says:

    A Moment In the Journey of my faith would have to have been when my husband left .I always love the Lord he was always in my heart and in my home but I put my husband up on a pedesta.l When he left I didn’t know what to do. God help me realize that he was all I had and he was all I needed

  37. Kathy Davis says:

    When I wonder why God called me to be a single foster parent when it is just to hard to do on my own and I know I need God to get me threw.

  38. Michelle Prince says:

    God healed me from a terrible flare up of Crohn’s disease, when I thought there was no returning to good health ever again. I have been blessed with 5 more years (so far!) with my sweet family.

  39. Susan Dillon says:

    The healing power of Jesus. He has healed me twice from cancer. I believe, that through faith in God, I was diagnosed very early that resulted in a good prognosis both times. Thank you God!

  40. Vanessa Oritz says:

    I have to say finding All Nation’s Baptist Church has changed my life. This is where I got saved and continue my journey in finding out who I am in Christ. I’ve fallen and I keep getting back up with God’s help and with my church family. I’m bless to have a church family who share the same beliefs as me.

  41. Cynthia Drake says:

    When my child was out of control I held onto the Lord’s Hand with one of mine and hung onto my child with the other. God brought us through!

  42. Cynthia Drake says:

    God saw me and my family through major crisis over and over again.

  43. Marc Daniel Rivera says:

    It was April the 26th, year 2014, I woke up to the sound of my father’s shout, crying out my mom is dead. My whole world shattered into pieces, and I just can’t figure out how am I suppose to get up and get on with life. But then, God showed Himself strong to me and my family. His love and faithfulness saw us through the darkest moment my family has gone through I can’t imagine where would I be if not for the grace, love and comfort from the Lord. It was my turning point to see life in a different way, having eternity in mind. Eternity made sense to me, that death is sure and without Jesus, life would be worthless. I just thank God that whatever the enemy has meant for evil, God meant it for good.

  44. Rajee Pandi says:

    I read self help books and write gratitude journals to keep my high vibrations

  45. Ann West says:

    A significant moment in my journey of faith was seeing Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrow in one of the later crusades in Louisville Ky. A night of renewed faith, hearing Billy Graham, the awesome voice of George Beverly Shea and the inspiring voice of Cliff Barrow. Seeing the crowd flowing down to the field. Will never forget ! Faith replenished, My heart was full. Blessed. And I give thanks to all of the Graham family.

  46. Gayle Penn says:

    Realizing the power of intercessory prayer for others – the importance of relying upon God to answer in His due time. It is so exciting to see how God works in others lives!!

  47. Cathy Lawrence says:

    My most significant moment was when I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. My beloved father was a southern Baptist minister, so I walked the aisle to give him my hand and Jesus my heart! Soon after, he baptized me! So lovely to remember!

  48. David Haberman says:

    The most significant moment in my journey of faith was after I was saved and purchased my first Bible, I told my wife after reading the Bible for myself, I felt it necessary to make a commitment. By accepting Jesus, I was now accepting that 100% of what is written in the Bible is the true and inspired Word of God. Several months later we went on a trip and stopped to visit the Billy Graham Library. I knew of Billy Graham, but didn’t know much about him. During the visit we heard him talk about the “crisis of faith” that he went through and what he said about accepting the Bible as 100% the inspired word of God. My wife and I looked at each other, and I knew that I was in good company on my path of faith.

  49. Rose Bruton says:

    I was praying with someone who needed help & expecting a Baby soon.
    We were praying & putting a cross of oil on every window & door. But on the last door, we got locked outside. It was very cold, dark, raining. Between us we had one pair of fuzzy slippers. We hung onto each other and started to hop down the long driveway to get help – but it was no use. She yelled at me for shutting the door. I didn’t know it was locked. Suddenly a thought came to me. “God is our only hope. Lets just Praise Him!” I kept asking her to, then she agreed.
    Lifting our arms up to the Lord & shouting Praises filled us with Joy! She turned to try the door again, as she reached –
    IT OPENED! She said Who opened the door, I didn’t touch it?
    God opened it! I said!

  50. Carol Smith says:

    The day the Lord took away my unforgivness

  51. Margaret Hayes says:

    I was going through a nasty divorce and was diagnosed with Crohns at the same time. My ex had canceled my health insurance and without his approval I could not get it back, which he said he would not do. I called many times and begged the insurance company to give me back my insurance to no avail. Two days before my surgery, I tried to plea with the insurance company again. This time a different lady answered. She understood my situation and said if I would catch up on my premiums she would reinstate my insurance, which I did. God heard my prayers and put that lady on the other end of the phone. I had to have 2 surgeries and spent a month in the hospital. My bill was almost $200,000. Praise God

  52. April Cook says:

    When my dad was dying of cancer, I got to experience the moments he was seeing angels. I was also pregnant at that time and he told me that I was having a boy. He said that God already showed him the past, present and future. One thing I will always treasure is the moment he told me it was snowing on the other side of the mountain. I giggled because there was no snow. Two days after he passed, we had to cancel the funeral for the day because of snow!!!

  53. Janet Guyer says:

    I don’t know where I would be if not for my Savior. Almost two years ago my husband of ten years decided he did not want to be married anymore. I had given up my job eight years earlier to help him and I had no idea what I would do. The Lord has provided me with two jobs, one with insurance! He has taught me a lot about being humble and kind in my work with the homeless at one of those jobs. I have learned to lean on Him and not myself, for I am nothing without Him. I am thankful for the strength He provides and that He takes care of all my needs.

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